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Keeping Secrets

Spider-Man catches The Talon, a female thief responsible for a series of high-risk robberies in the city, in the act of robbing a high-rise apartment. While The Talon gets the best of Spider-Man and escapes, Spider-Man sees her face without her masking goggles. Meanwhile Harry Osborn, best friend and roommate of Peter Parker, has been keeping to himself for the past few weeks and Peter Parker and Mary-Jane Watson are concerned. Concern turns to excitement when Harry reveals he's been seeing someone he really likes, and wants to introduce her to Peter and MJ over dinner. When Harry's new girlfriend Cheyenne Tate arrives she turns out to be the Talon but only Peter is aware! Fearing Cheyenne will ultimately hurt his friend Harry, Peter as Spider-Man tries to convince The Talon to change her ways. Ultimately, a confrontation takes place between The Talon, Spider-Man, and the police. The Talon is freaked out when Spider-Man calls out her real name during the melee and she panics and disappears into the night. Later, Cheyenne calls a perplexed Harry to tell him she's leaving town, maybe for good and she can't explain why.

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