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The King's Demons, Part One

The Doctor lands the Tardis in 1215 England at the Castle of Ranulf Fitzwilliam in the middle of a jousting tournament and the Doctor is immediately hailed as a demon by the king. The Doctor finds this very suspicious. SPOILER ALERT: If you are watching this episode for the first time, wait until it is over to view the main cast as that will give some of the plot away.

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Episode Discussion

drosso46561 posted 5 years ago

I find it interesting that Kamelion was a actual robot that caused the production crews great difficulty with its operation because the designer was killed shorty after it was decided to use the robot on the show. With the death of the designer, there was no documentation what so ever to describe how to operate the brand new operating software for the Kamelion robot. I can't help but wonder how many more episodes we would have seen Kamelion in if the designer had still been around to help them with it. I enjoyed the character, not quiet as much as K-9 but I think K-9 will always hold a special place in us original Whovians hearts.

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