4,722 Hours

Jemma tells Fitz how she survived on the alien planet for six and a half months... and who helped her.


By Gadfly on Oct 28, 2015

Six Months Ago Fitz suggests to Jemma that they go out somewhere nice to eat. She agrees and he goes to check out options, and the monolith grabs her and pulls her through. Jemma emerges on an alien planet in at night, and watches as the portal seals itself over. She tries to call on her cell phone but gets no service. Jemma runs up a slope and sees an alien sky. She figures that she can wait for extraction and starts a log on her cell phone, confirming that the air is breathable and gravity…

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Episode Discussion

JCuervo_a posted a year ago

Brilliant episode!....and poor Fitz, man, haha...

TonyMayhew posted 2 years ago

I wish my cell phone lasted as long as hers did in this episode!

Apart from that, this was a really, really good episode. I was very happy to learn what had happened to Jemma since being swallowed up by that thing & to use an entire episode to do it was genius!

zigmond posted 3 years ago

My favourite episode so far :)

MichaelDeBoey posted 3 years ago

Really a boring episode

It's nice to have some background story, but this was killing me badly :S

TheHarryManback posted 3 years ago

Probably my favourite episode in the show. At least the best in the season until now.

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

Loved it, really different tone compared to the rest of the show.

teros posted 3 years ago

Really? I mean REALLY? Poor Fitz you just cant get a break bro! Anyways excellent episode, thats how its done!

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