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Home Sweet Home

Wallace and Gromit look at ingenious inventions for the home. From 1940s household robots and strange humanoid butlers to cutting-edge labour-saving devices, the pair explore the social history of domestic life through inventions.

There is a visit to the home of iconic inventor Trevor Baylis - the man who revolutionised the radio - and meet George, one of the first walking humanoid robots ever built, as he is brought to life for the first time in 60 years by his creator, Tony Sale.

We visit the world's largest collection of the peculiarly English invention, the teasmade, and delve into the mind of a young Malawian inventor who designed windmills to power his family's home.

Finally, Jem Stansfield visits some budding young inventors in Oxford who are recreating a fridge first devised by Einstein which never got off the drawing board.

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Episode Discussion

kyrat posted a year ago

Nitpicking their incorrect citation of "Berkeley University, California" for the towel folding robot.  That should have been "University of California, Berkeley" or "UC Berkeley". 

Kind of embarrassing that no one proofread the script -especially for a science show focused on facts.

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