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The Backboard Jungle

A neighborhood basketball game with controversial origins (it's in memory of a young man who died while in NYPD custody and the chief organizer is an outspoken community activist) ends in disaster when gunshots erupt and two men are dead. Andy and Fancy immediately don't see eye to eye on the case, and when Andy runs into the activist things get very ugly. The activist makes a racial remark which Andy throws back at him, unwittingly in front of a reporter. The activist gets Fancy angry enough to toss Andy off the case but not to kick him out of the 15th, so Bobby (who was disgusted by Andy's comments) and Diane take on the investigation with help from James and Greg. They find out a notorious drug dealer was behind the shootings in retaliation for men leaving the drug trade without his permission. Fancy tells Andy that he won't transfer him out because he believes his white bosses will send him another bigot to replace Sipowicz (as a message to Fancy) and doesn't want to take the chance that the replacement won't be able to do the job that Andy can. Andy finds out the reporter was shot and gets confirming information about the earlier killings before the reporter dies. Sylvia, who has seen Andy making an offensive hand gesture regarding African-Americans, sternly tells him he had better NEVER talk or act like that in front of their son.

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