The Nutty Confessor

A young woman is found dead in her apartment, disemboweled with bizarre messages written on the walls in blood. Andy and Bobby first suspect a Meals on Wheels worker, but then get a lead on a creep whom they arrest in Atlantic City. The creep tries to pretend he's insane to avoid jail time, but Andy poses as a psycho to get him to admit he's not insane, just a psychopathic killer. A doctor with a battleaxe for a wife gets shot by punks while visiting his office assistant/mistress, and the cops have no sympathy for the wimply doctor, his domineering wife, or his stupid mistress. They do crack the case with some help from an older guy who wants his car taken out of the impound lot. James and Adrienne consummate their relationship, Greg pretty much tells the whole squad about it, and Adrienne turns clingy to the point where James is sheepish and everyone else looks embarrassed for him.

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