Hollie and the Blowfish

Simone finds his best informant ever, a drug addicted stick-up man Ferdinand Hollie, casing out some Colombian drug runners. After coming to the 15th for a chat, Hollie gives them info that checks out, but Andy's worried about Hollie's law-breaking activities and his lifetime of needle drug use. Andy is irritated when a cop named Ray Kahlins shows up and to request Diane's help on a federally funded investigation into the murder of a young girl by a drug gang. Diane and Bobby quickly learn Kahlins is less interested in solving that case than dragging it out to earn a lot of overtime pay. When Bobby learns Hollie has HIV, he is sad, but Hollie says he'll carry the weight, then does Bobby a favor by providing data that leads to the murder's closure. Fancy agrees to overlook Hollie's activities in exchange for his cooperation with Kahlins's drug unit. After finding drugs on Hollie's information Kahlins gives up Hollie's identity to one of the gangs and isn't sorry given Hollie's criminal activities. Andy gets angry later when Kahlins is lying that he was Andy's brother in arms during the Vietnam War, and tells Kahlins to tell all the lies he wants about everything but not about Vietnam. Andy and Bobby then get word that Hollie robbed the Colombians, who refuse to cooperate with police, but then hear he was shot twice. Bobby arrives to find out Hollie recognized the shooters as the gang members, tells Bobby he hasn't left any bodies on the streets, and dies. Upset over Hollie's death, Bobby goes back to the bar Kahlins is at and beats the hell out of him. In the B story, Greg and James investigate the murder of a "white magic" priest and find out he was killed by an ex-convict who lost his mind when an "invisibility potion" the priest concocted for him failed to work as advertised.

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