We Was Robbed

A Mafia loan shark is found dead in the East River, and a nervous FBI agent thinks the killers came from a mob-connected social club. Andy and Bobby help install the Federal wiretap but get interrupted by two low-level hoods—whom they then rob. The hoods later come to the 15th with a vastly inflated tally of what got stolen. The focus shifts away from the mob to a very unlucky citizen who was deeply in debt and desperate. Donna's hairdresser comes to her for help when her rotten cousin is trying to help her violent ex-boyfriend rob her current man's truck. Donna arranges for Diane to help, and Diane calls in James for a sting operation. The op works perfectly, but Adrienne's jealousy (she becomes convinced James is having sex with or wants to date the hairdresser when he's only posing as her boyfriend for the sting) explodes in everyone's face and James has finally had enough, telling her that her behavior is idiotic and making it clear he's not interested in excuses about it. The lying hoods find out they barely got ripped off and will get charged for lying about it if they don't take their stuff and get lost. Andy tells Andy Jr. a story about how he nearly shot and killed an innocent person during his beat-cop days because he didn't know the details of a building in his post.

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