Auntie Maimed

Andy's on a knife's edge (which is where his emotional barometer usually settles anyway) as Sylvia's impending birth looms. He talks too much about 911 calls, the fact that Sylvia's doctor is Jewish, etc. etc. But he has time to teach Andy Jr. on the job, as he and Bobby investigate a break-in and robbery where an elderly woman was killed. They suspect her drug-addicted nephew, but print work leads to the guilty party. A bouncer is beaten to death at a strip club and James and Greg have to endure a brief hostage crisis to arrest the jealous ex-convict who killed him. Donna meets an Apple recruiter and considers a new career path. Adrienne knows James wants to break up with her, and when they finally sit down to talk he gently confirms that's the truth. Adrienne expresses regret for her behavior, but James forgives and tells her he will always be her friend. Sylvia goes into labor and gives birth to a healthy baby boy, deals with some brief bleeding and has Andy and his son sharing a hug.

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