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The Vessel

The Winchesters launch a desperate attempt to recover an artifact capable of destroying Amara by sending Dean back to 1943 to recover the Hand of God from a doomed submarine. They're unaware that Castiel--secretly Lucifer--is the one who must send Dean back through time and return him.

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By Gadfly on Feb 18, 2016

Nazi-Occupied France, 1943 At Gestapo Headquarters, Officer Befehlsleiter Gumprecht is on the phone to Hitler assuring him that the artifact has arranged and he has set up a full military escort. His local lover, Delphine Seydoux, comes in and asks what the artifact is. Gumprecht says that it's what brought him to France, and that it's what Germany has been waiting for. Delphine asks to see it, and the officer reluctantly gives in. Gumprecht opens the case, and Delphine stares at the item…

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IceFlow posted 6 years ago

Very nice episode !

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