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Non Est Asylum

A message from a deceased friend sends exorcist John Constantine to Atlanta to help the man's daughter, Liv. A demon is trying to kill her, and Constantine must face the powers of darkness to save her life. Meanwhile, the forces of Heaven try to recruit Constantine to their cause... whether he wants to join them or not.

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By Gadfly on Oct 17, 2015

At Ravenscar Asylum in Northern England, John Constantine tells the doctors attending him to make sure that the restraint straps are tight. She then puts a protective mouthpiece in Constantine's mouth and administers electrical shock. Later, Constantine meets with a therapist, Dr. Roger Huntoon. Huntoon figures that Constantine delusional for thinking that demons exist, and Constantine says that the girl he failed to save, Astra, was dragged back to hell. The doctor insists that there are no…

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Episode Discussion

skeloutons posted 7 years ago

John kinda reminds me of Castiel the way he dresses. Not sure if I really like this character yet, the show seems interesting though.

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