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Last Day on Earth

In the aftermath of a tragic blow, Eugene falls captured by Dwight, a member of the Saviors, whom are hell bent on getting even with Alexandria, Negan teaches Rick and co a brutal lesson, which shows that Rick and co finally have something to fear.

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Episode Discussion

Cecile posted 3 years ago

Great season finale !

Reaper3Tears posted 6 years ago

damn i cant wait to see what happens next

Lendo posted 6 years ago

Worst ending for the Worst Season. Not even sure I'll watch next season.

bernardo90 posted 6 years ago

i am also disappointed ....

hudspart posted 6 years ago

Disappointing on so many levels.

JCuervo_a posted 6 years ago

Still disappointed that they ended the season with a cliffhanger, it ruined Negan's big shocking entrance and emotion to a character death.

JuanArango posted 6 years ago

The finale is one of the most thrilling and heart pounding episodes ever made in tv history....NEGAN !!!!!!!

Alastor posted 6 years ago

Glad the season has finally ended and now I can junk out on it and watch every single episode back to back.

l love this show and really hope it is going to be a good season.

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