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An American, Cooper, leaves the States to avoid facing his mother after the death of his father. Trying to raise money, he signs up to playtest a new VR game for a cutting-edge company and gets more than he expected.

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By Gadfly on Oct 23, 2016

An American, Cooper, is in his bedroom room and packs his things. He slips out, being careful not to make any noise, and gets into a waiting car. He gets a call from his mother and ignores it, On the plane to Europe, Cooper is playing a video game. The stewardess asks him to turn it off as they come in to land. When Cooper notices a young girl looking nervous, Cooper tells her that it's like a roller coaster, relaxing her. He travels around the cities, taking selfies of himself. At a cafe, he…

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Episode Discussion

Wynn posted 4 years ago

Quite a performance by Wyatt Russell. Thumbs up for this episode as well!

bernardo90 posted 4 years ago

crazy stuff is going on in this episode!

I tested a horror game on Playstation VR, had to quit after 3 minutes. It was too freakin realistic

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