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When Felicity refuses to help Oliver break Diggle out of military prison, Oliver goes it alone. Meanwhile, the new Team Arrow are left on their own to try and find Church and stop his new plan. In the past, Oliver undertakes his third test to join the Bratva.

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By Gadfly on Oct 27, 2016

Mr. Terrific runs through an alley after a thief, Sergio Espinoza. Overwatch coordinates the rest of the team, and Green Arrow tells the others to wait until the thief reaches the cordon. Wild Dog wonder why Ragman isn't there, and Overwatch says that he hasn't responded to his texts. The thief comes out and Wild Dog shoots at him despite Arrow's orders to let Artemis take the shot. The man runs and Mr. Terrific tackles him. The two men fight and the thief gets the upper hand. Arrow shoots th…

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