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Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer

When the demo-dogs overrun Hawkins Labs, one of the group saves the others at the cost of their own life. When the others get back to the Byers house, they realize what they're facing and try to get answers from a captive Will.


By Gadfly on Nov 7, 2017

In the control room, Owens assures Jim that the glass is polycarbonite and the demo-dog can't get through. When it fails, other demo-dogs climb up and they all start pounding on the glass. Owens signals the alarm, and Mike realizes that they're too late. He tells Joyce and Bob that they're under attack. The control room technicians get out as the demo-dogs break through the window. Owens leads Jim up the staircase, while the techs take the elevator and the demo-dogs advance on them. Mike s…

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