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Work Experience

It's Valentine's Day and after comparing cards, Will catches up with Charlotte, whom he sent a card and a bouquet of flowers, and she invites him along to an under-18s disco in which she will be supervising. Before that happens though, the boys have to endure work experience. Jay has set himself and Simon up at his dad's plant hire, but that turns out to be nowhere near as fun as Jay promised. Will's request to be placed at a local newspaper is mixed up and he is instead sent to a car garage, with Neil going to the newspaper company. Neil does well at his placement, but Will struggles to fit in with the other mechanics at the garage. Growing desperate in order to impress his workmates, Will tells them of his date with his "horny girlfriend" later that night. Simon, Jay and Neil also decide to tag along when Will unwittingly tells them of his date. Friday arrives and the boys head to the disco. While receiving a hand job from a Valentine's card-sending admirer, Simon is attacked by a young boy in retaliation for barging into him earlier in the episode and for thinking that he insulted him (although it was actually Jay who insulted the boy). The boy gets pulled away, but Simon, Jay and Neil head off to hide in the toilets when the boy appears with his friends from the violent Northwood gang. Will goes to Charlotte for some help, but she refuses to help when a man from the garage turns up, who, despite appearing much older, reveals he is in fact seventeen, and relays all of the things Will had said he and Charlotte had done. Will then decides to ring his mum and the boys leave, saved from the Northwood gang but being considered "saddos" even more than ever.

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