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Episode 1

Niska is living as a fugitive in Berlin, while the other Synths are laying low in the UK.

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By JuanArango on Oct 31, 2016

Niska is living as a fugitive in Berlin where an unexpected romantic encounter leads her to a huge decision with far reaching consequences. In the UK, Leo, Max and Mia are laying low in a coastal hideout while Mia works in a local cafe as 'Anita' to pay for their supplies and stay connected to the human world. But their secret is placed in jeopardy as Mia develops feelings for her human boss, Ed. Leo and Max come to the aid of Hester, a very special Synth, but when a mysterious organisation begi…

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Episode Discussion

alexx posted 3 years ago

After season one I thought, .oO( There isn't anything left to cover. Where do they go from here?) I really expected nothing of season two. ( I half expected them to fall back on the comic skills of Parkinson and Goodman-Hill. ) The end of s02e01 was cushion-pounding, stomach-clenching, teeth-gritting frustration: I wanted moAR! Like a fork-bomb wants RAM. The raging frustration quickly gave over to a realisation of how well crafted this piece of art continues to be. Equal parts drama, philosophy and preemptive exploration into the rapidly approaching future. My hopes for this season bubble with impish excitation and simmering eagerness. Welcome back; I hope that we can be friends.

JuanArango posted 3 years ago

A very nice start to the 2nd season.

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