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News can be used to share major TV news events with the TVmaze community.

Each news entry has a title and a snippet, which is the abstract or first paragraph from the target article in maximum 250 characters. The source of the news can be an external website, in which case the entry's "url" property should link to the source website's URL. Or if the source is not a website, such as a press release sent via email, the URL can be left empty and the entire article should be filled in the "body" property. We prefer original sources, so please use a press release whenever one is available, and otherwise link to the source that originally broke this news.

News can be reported to TVmaze up to 7 days after it was originally published on the source.

The title and snippet must be in English; the article itself may be written in a foreign language if no English version is available.

Show news

For news linked to a show, only the following events are permitted:

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