TV 2 is a publicly owned television station in Denmark based in Odense. The station began broadcasting on 1 October 1988, thereby ending the television monopoly previously exercised by the Danmarks Radio (DR).

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  • Norskov


    Police investigator Tom Noack returns home to Norskov to clean up the town's drug crime but quickly…

  • Badehotellet


    Badehotellet is the story about the guests and staff at a beach hotel by the North Sea sand dunes. A…

  • Kurs mod fjerne kyster

    Kurs mod fjerne kyster

    Beha Erichsens and his family is on a 3 year long trip around the world with the ship Havana. So the…

  • Natholdet


    A late-night comedy talkshow focusing on daily unintentionally funny content from the media. In each…

  • Sølvrekka

    Some of Norway's biggest gay talent have teamed up to harsh everything on TV, giving you their own v…

  • Nå eller aldri

    The married couple Trine and Change are both in full employment as economists, live in Bergen and ha…

  • Fjorden Cowboys

    Fjorden Cowboys

    You don't mess with "Hardingar" ! Buddies Joar & Lothepus have grown up in Sørfjorden in Hardang…

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