Showcase TV

A UK based channel which airs a variety of original programming. The channel is set to rebrand to Keep It Country TV on January 25th 2016.

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This Season's Shows

  • Visions of War

    Visions of War

    A programming block airing military history documentaries.

  • JAM TV

    JAM TV

    A variety of programs aimed towards representing all aspects of Jamaican life.

  • Richplanet TV

    Richplanet TV

    Richard D. Hall presents the controversial talk show which looks into hidden truths that the media w…

  • Keep It Country Music

    The best in country music direct from the USA.

  • Caravan Finder TV

    Caravan Finder TV

    A show looking at why it's so exciting to own a caravan or motor home in 2015.

  • Highland Showcase

    Highland Showcase

    A weekly look at life in the Scottish Highlands.

  • The CM&T Video Show

    The CM&T Video Show

    A blend of the best new country music videos, news and travel news from the USA.

  • Motorhome Channel

    Motorhome Channel

    A respected team of Motorhome enthusiasts review the latest equipment to hit the market.

  • The Caravan Channel

    The Caravan Channel

    Produced and presented by a well respected group of caravanners, the show reviews the newest caravan…

  • NusicTV


    The latest independent music videos are featured.

  • Britrox


    A showcase of unsigned emerging British artists and bands.

  • The Smith and Rogers Country Show

    The Smith and Rogers Country Show

    A weekly country music review featuring performances from around the UK.

  • Warrior Challenge in the Cage

    Live cagefighting coverage direct from London.

  • Hot Country

    A showcase of Ireland's country music artists.

  • Ireland West Music Television

    Paul Claffey and Gerry Glennon present a collection of classic and nostalgic Irish songs.

  • Ireland's Country

    Mike Ryan and Brendan Magee present a look at the latest singers of the Irish country music scene.

  • Warrior Challenge 23

    CJ, Grant Waterman and Dave O'Donnell present the latest cage-fighting action.

  • Phil Mack Country Show

    Featuring up and coming and established artists in the country music scene from around the world.

  • Hotdisc Top Twenty

    A countdown of the best new songs featured on Hotdisk, compiled by various European DJs.

  • Bluegrass Ridge

    The latest American bluegrass music news and reviews.

  • Reflections

    Interviews with country music artists.

  • American Chart

    The latest chart-topping music direct from the USA.

  • Play

    Interviews and videos featuring the hottest country music stars of the moment.

  • Shamrock City

    Interviews with country music artists.

  • Lisa Stanley Show

    Lisa Stanley interviews music artists.

  • John Hogan Show

    John Hogan interviews music artists.

  • Keltic Nashville

    The biggest songwriters and independent performers from Nashville are showcased.

  • Country Jamboree

    The biggest songwriters and independent performers from the country music scene are showcased.

  • Country on Demand

    Interviews and performances with country music stars.

  • Caithness Country

    Interviews and performances with country music stars.

  • Pubs of Ireland

    Interviews with artists famous on the Irish pub circuit.

  • Keltic Gold

    Interviews and performances with the stars of country music.

  • Daniel O'Donnell

    A show in which Daniel O'Donnell chats to country music artists.

  • Classic Country

    A look back at classic country music performances and interviews.

  • Let's Put the Western Back in Country

    Interviews and music videos from country music artists.

  • Janey Kirk Show

    Janey Kirk presents a talk show featuring growing music stars.

  • Robert Mizzell

    Robert Mizzell presents a country music chat show.

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