PRO TV is the third Romanian private TV Channel (after the now-defunct Tele7ABC and Antena 1), launched in December 1995 that reaches almost 99% of Romania's 21.5 million people and has 48% of its broadcast schedule comprising locally produced programs. PRO TV broadcasts 24 hours a day and achieved an average all day audience of 16.5% during 2008.

Targeting urban adults 18-to-49 years old, PRO TV uses a programming strategy of top international series and movies, as well as a wide variety of local productions including news programming, local entertainment and local fiction.

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Atletico Textila
Atletico Textila

The corrupt owner of a lame, forth division football team gets locked up so his bimbo wife has to st…

Românii au talent
Românii au talent

Românii au talent is a talent show and originated from the Got Talent franchise. Anyone of any age w…

Vocea României

Vocea României is a reality singing competition based on the original The Voice of Holland, the conc…

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