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  • Supercar Superbuild

    Supercar Superbuild

    Supercar Superbuild showcases the passion, artistry and engineering behind some of the fastest and m…

  • Salvage Hunters

    Salvage Hunters

    Modern day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard is one of the UK's top decorative antique dealers. Always…

  • Supertruckers


    For the team at Kings Heavy Haulage, no job is ever too big as the 25 strong team cart awkward, colo…

  • Combat Dealers

    Combat Dealers

    Larger than life Bruce Crompton buys, fixes up and sells World War 2 military kit. Always on the pur…

  • Aussie Gold Hunters

    Aussie Gold Hunters

    In Aussie Gold Hunters, we join three hard-core crews of gold prospectors as they take the gamble of…

  • Martin Kemp's Murder Files

    Martin Kemp's Murder Files

    Martin Kemp's Murder Files provides a detailed account of crimes and a step-by-step forensic analysi…

  • Cars That Rock with Brian Johnson

    Cars That Rock with Brian Johnson

    When he's not wowing millions of screaming fans in one of the biggest and most important rock bands…

  • Giro d'Italia Highlights

    Giro d'Italia Highlights

    Daily highlights of Giro d'Italia on Quest every day at 10pm. Giro d'Italia is one of the most impor…

  • Scrap Kings

    Scrap Kings

    An explosive series following work of demolition, salvage and waste management experts as they blast…

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