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‘Kevin Can F*** Himself’ to End With Season 2 at AMC

“Kevin Can F*** Himself” will end with its upcoming Season 2 at AMC, Variety has confirmed.

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NeoRocket posted a month ago

I think it is supposed to be a "dramedy". Very like on comedy. It's dark. Just dark. No "dark humor". Just dark. Sad dark. The only person I root for is the main characters (woman) next door neighbor, her gf "partner in crime". I "get" that living with such a narcissistic guy all those years made her a little co dependently narcissistic and toxic. But the writers could make her a little more sympathetic. I get it's a riff on the sit coms with the intelligent woman wife and the fuck up husband. But I think it is a little bit of a whiny take on that. Jesus most of the sit coms like that the hubby is a dork and the wife is the heroine. I have read article where mens rights groups and general critics were bemoaning the flurry of sitcoms where the guy was a clueless buffoon and the woman the rock of sanity. Now Hollywierd has found a way to somehow imply even those somehow were "demeaning to women" while the hubby is an idiot. SO wait. Hubby a moron, "bro-ster", bit narcissistic and the woman the voice of sanity and intelligence and somehow that is a toxic take to women? If there is another message going on with the riff on sitcoms with the oversaturated "on" moments and insipid sitcom chatter then the unsaturated colors in the "reality" moments please explain.

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