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Episode 7 Episode

Episode 7

@Cheshire_Cat wrote:
 A disappointing final season! They cut so much storyline out that it really dragged in places.

I thought it was a good season, but it did feel rushed... and didn't help that it was shorter than the other 2. I felt like season 2 dragged a lot more, especially the stuff in the past. Felt like they could've gotten through that a lot faster, or not had as many episodes.

Welcome to the Haunting Episode

Welcome to the Haunting

Nothing says Halloween like airing the themed episode the day after. :p CBS messed that up, considering they aired a rerun the previous week when they could've aired this episode instead. 

Plus One Episode

Plus One

Not as good as "Miranda" but it had it's moments to make it watchable... had a slightly more serious tone and the uppity personality of the mother doesn't work as well with an American though which comes off colder than the British counterpart. 

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