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Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye Episode

Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye

@Starshadow wrote:
Why does this say current show? Both Winchesters and Kung Fu "season finale" episodes looked like series finale episodes.

It's currently set to "to be determined." So until it's cancelled, it's technically current and then would be set to ended.

Hear No Evil Episode

Hear No Evil

@SanneBlomme wrote:
Caitlin is gone, team flash: okay! Frost is gone, team flash: okay! Happy dance ending! What are the writers thinking?

The writers haven't been thinking for years now.

The Wrong Victor Episode

The Wrong Victor

@mad_man1983 wrote:
I hope this doesnt mean that Nia, Tess and Levi are gone from the show, not a bad episode and I loved seeing Ravens father again but didnt feel right with the rest of the gang missing,  and would have liked to see Cory here since his father just had an heart attack.

Unfortunately they are, the show setting is relocating from Chicago back to San Francisco and only Raven and Booker are still on it (as is apparent with the new intro) and Navia Robinson (Nia) has already joined the Gotham Knight's pilot at CW... but surely her DAUGHTER would at least have some guest appearances if it continues. I think it's weirder that they still haven't addressed how Raven's mom just was gone from That's So Raven and still hasn't brought her up. 

Episode 7 Episode

Episode 7

@Cheshire_Cat wrote:
 A disappointing final season! They cut so much storyline out that it really dragged in places.

I thought it was a good season, but it did feel rushed... and didn't help that it was shorter than the other 2. I felt like season 2 dragged a lot more, especially the stuff in the past. Felt like they could've gotten through that a lot faster, or not had as many episodes.

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