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Episode 1 Episode

Episode 1

@KenKnudsen - There are 3 episodes, but when it aired in New Zealand, they aired as two 1:30ish episodes instead of 3 50-ish minute episodes.

Starling City Episode

Starling City

@kyrat - Same, the flashforward stuff was easily the worst part of the season, what's the point of showing us what's happening and then show us how it effects the future but it can't be changed? It served SOME purpose last year, but this one just seems like they don't have any flashbacks to work with so they kept going with the flashforwards to have something to fill their gimmick.

Shelter from the Storm Episode

Shelter from the Storm

10x better than The Outpost last year... but not good enough to keep watching. You can tell a non-native CW show right away.

Blurryman Episode


....This wasn't supposed to make sense, right? There have been a couple good episodes, but all-in-all, this was crap.