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NOS4A2 News

'NOS4A2' cancelled after 2 seasons

I prefer to think of it as it ended after 2 seasons, they told the story from the book and didn't NEED more, anything else is extra and not from the source material.

Meet in the Middle Episode

Meet in the Middle

This reminded me a lot of the seemingly unknown Joss Whedon film In Your Eyes, but thoughts instead of vision, and with the obvious Twilight Zone twist lol

Renew/Cancel information for FOX programs Article

Renew/Cancel information for FOX programs

Interesting that LA's Finest is getting picked up to be broadcast on a TV network a year after Spectrum released it, but they didn't pick it up for another season, they're just airing season 1 and then 2. Wonder if the Mad About You revival will be bought for TV broadcast as well... in addition to Paradise Lost which will air on Paramount later this year.

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