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7:15 A.M. Recap

Outside Regina’s house the Stranger, who rode into town at the end of the last episode, is tinkering with his bike. Henry asks him what he’s doing in Storybrooke. The Stranger says he’s just visiting. Henry asks him what’s inside the box strapped to his motorcycle. A small smile creeps on his face, “Just something I need to do what I came here for.” Regina opens the front door of her house and sees Henry talking to the Stranger. She urgently strides towards them. Henry says he thought the Stranger was just visiting. The Stranger gets back on his bike, “Doesn’t mean I don’t have something to do. You better get to school. Looks like a storm’s coming.” And with that he zooms off. Regina arrives and asks Henry who that was. As they watch him ride off, Henry just shrugs.

At Emma and Mary Margaret’s apartment, Emma is eating breakfast when Mary Margaret flies into the kitchen with her toothbrush still in her mouth. Emma watches Mary Margaret as she excitedly gets ready for school on the move. Emma comments it’s seven ten, Mary Margaret has plenty of time to get to school. Mary Margaret grabs the rest of her things, “I’m supposed to be there at seven fifteen.” She’s helping the kids with their science fair and bolts out the door.

Outside we see Mary Margaret rushing down the street as the Clock Tower strikes 7:14. She heads into Granny’s Dinner, which is definitely not school. Inside she finds a table, checks how she looks in the reflection of a spoon. She settles in and watches as the clock ticks to 7:15 A.M. Right then David walks in. Mary Margaret picks up a copy of Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island and starts to read. David notes her sitting there, then heads to the counter where Ruby has his regular order of coffee ready for him and his wife. He turns to leave and veers towards Mary Margaret who pretends she doesn’t notice him until he walks up and says hi. They exchange hellos and small talk before David says he better get to work. She pines over him as he heads outside to his car and his wife, Kathryn. He gives Kathryn a quick kiss and hands her a coffee. Emma walks up and busts Mary Margaret for not being at school. After Mary Margaret reveals she knows his entire schedule and laments how love’s the worst. Emma tells her the first thing she should do to get over him is not to show up there tomorrow. Mary Margaret wishes there was a magic cure. Which takes us to...


Fairy Tale Land, were we find Snow White hunting in an idyllic prairie when she comes upon Red Riding Hood. It’s been a month from the last time Red delivered supplies or news to Snow. Red tells Snow the wedding between Prince James and Midas’s daughter is happening in two days time. Snow says she thought the solitude would help her forget him and wishes she could get him out of her head. Red says there is a man who can help her.

It’s night now and Snow is rowing a boat across a lake through a deep, thick fog. When she ties the boat up, Rumplestiltskin startles her when he appears seated at the back of the boat. It’s the first time they’ve meet and Rumple says that he’s been looking forward to meeting her. Snow tells him she has a broken heart. He says he has just what she needs. After creating a potion from the lake water, he pulls a hair from her head and adds it to the potion. It’s complete. He tells Snow after she drinks the potion she won’t even remember who Charming is. All he wants in return is the strand of her hair, to which she reluctantly agrees. He tells her to drink the potion in good health and then disappears into the fog.

Back in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is shopping when she bumps into Kathryn, causing the contents of both their shopping baskets to spill onto the floor. As they pick up their things, Mary Margaret picks up a pregnancy test that came from Kathryn’s basket. She’s thrown, but recovers when she hands it back to Kathryn and tells her good luck. Regina is also shopping and sees the whole exchange, “I trust you’ll be discreet. Their lives are their business. Not yours.” She walks off to join her friend, leaving Mary Margaret standing alone.

Prince Charming stands on a balcony of a castle looking pensively off into the horizon, as a feast in his honor can be heard in the distance. King George enters and wants some enthusiasm from Charming for his wedding. Charming says his enthusiasm wasn’t part of the deal, besides he’s honored King George’s wishes. The king says he needs his heart as well as his honor. He knows Charming is in love with another but doesn’t care and tells him to forget whoever it is. King George gets dead serious, “Do whatever it takes to get this woman out of your head, because nothing is going stop this wedding.” As soon as the king walks out, Charming writes a letter to Snow White and attaches it to a dove to find her.

Mary Margaret is hiking through the woods in Storybrooke when she hears the chirping of a bird in the undergrowth. She follows the sound and finds a bird caught in an old fishing net. It looks just like the bird Charming sent to find her in Fairy Tale Land. As we wonder how this bird found it’s way to Storybrooke, Mary Margaret scoops up the bird and heads off. She takes the bird to the Storybrooke Animal Shelter where David is working. Dr. Thatcher, the vet, tells her the dove is physically okay but it a migratory species that forms strong, monogamous bonds. Mary Margaret knows if she’s not returned to her flock, she’ll be alone forever. She gathers the dove and starts to leave. David tells her a storm is coming and she shouldn’t go out there. He offers to help but she doesn’t want it and hurries off.

Emma is loading her cruiser with emergency supplies for the coming storm when Regina approaches and asks her to look into the new Stranger in town. Emma says she already talked to him. All he wanted was directions, what’s the big deal. Regina wants her find out who he is because he was in front of her house, “Taking a particular interest in the one thing we both care about. Henry.” And that get’s Emma’s attention, “I’ll look into him.” Off Regina, pleased.

Mary Margaret driving through the woods, looking for the dove’s flock as the thunder from the approaching storm takes us to...

Snow White holding out the magic potion Rumple gave her when the dove Charming sent to find her lands on her outstretched arm. She reads the accompanying message from him, “In two days time I am to be married. Come to me before then. Come to me and show me you feel the same and we can be together forever. And if you don’t, I’ll have my answer.” Tears roll down Snow’s cheek, she knows what she must do.

Back in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is still looking for the dove’s flock as she drives through the woods. She gets out of her SUV, grabbing the cage and starts to look on foot.

In Fairy Tale Land, Snow White sneaks into the castle to find Charming. Once inside the castle she searches for him but hides behind a large pillar when she hears footsteps approaching. It’s Charming but she can’t see him because she’s keeping herself hidden from behind the pillar. Then, right as she is about the peak around the pillar to see who it is, a hand clamps over mouth and pulls her back into the shadows. Next, Snow finds herself locked up by one of the king’s guards. She frantically looks for an escape but to no avail. From the next cell over she hears a whistle, then Grumpy steps into the view. This is the first time they’ve met. Grumpy tells her it’s no use searching for an escape, there isn’t one. Snow says she has to get out because there is someone out there she loves very much. Grumpy says love is exactly why he’s stuck in there. He tried to get a diamond to propose to the one he loves but got swindled instead and was given a stolen diamond. They think he’s a thief, that’s why he got locked up. Snow looks at him with compassionate eyes, knows they feel the same pain. Just then a voice from the shadows, “I know a way out.” Grumpy squints and sees dwarf approach with a ring of keys, “Stealthy?!?” Apparently there was an eighth dwarf. Stealthy frees Grumpy and tells him the other dwarfs are waiting to help him escape. As they start to leave Snow flashes Grumpy a sad but genuine smile, “Grumpy, good luck. I hope you get your love back.” That stops Grumpy in his tracks. He shakes his head, grabs the keys from Stealthy and frees Snow. Grumpy nods for her to follow, “Come on.”

Mary Margaret is carrying the cage with the lost dove through the woods in Storybrooke and comes to the end of the trail. Just as she sets the cage down a crack of thunder startles her, making her lose her footing and sending her tumbling down a small hillside. The hillside ends with an abrupt ledge that leads to a long fall. Just before she falls, Mary Margaret grabs a hold of a tree root and hangs on for dear life. As she begins to slip, David shows up and rescues her. She’s thankful but conflicted because she doesn’t want to show David she still has feelings for him. Mary Margaret picks up the cage and is still determined as ever to find the dove’s flock. The storm is picking up and David convinces her they need to go, it’s not safe outside. She reluctantly agrees.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, Snow White follows the dwarfs, Grumpy and Stealthy, as they make their escape. Just as they decide go different ways, the dwarfs are caught in the courtyard and Stealthy is killed. King George orders Grumpy killed when he refuses to tell him where Snow White is. Just when Grumpy is about to get his head chopped off Snow appears and demands that King George let him go. She holds a torch inches away from bale of hay and threatens to burn the castle down if doesn’t. The king lets Grumpy go. Snow’s caught as the king tells her it’s time they talked.

The storm has arrived in Storybrooke with fury. David guides Mary Margaret to the shelter of an abandoned cabin in woods. When he goes to put a blanket over her shoulders, she brushes it off. When David asks what is going on with her today, she reluctantly tells him, “What’s going on is -- I still have feelings for you.” She tells him the only reason she goes to Granny’s every morning at seven fifteen is to see him. When, David chuckles Mary Margaret asks, “You think this is funny?” David looks at her with sincerity and tells her, “No, it’s just... the reason I go to Granny’s every morning at seven fifteen is to see you.” This lands on Mary Margaret. They stare at one another. It’s a tense romantic moment as David leans in to kiss Mary Margaret. Just as their lips are about to meet -- she stops him. She asks how he could do this when Kathryn thinks she might be pregnant. David looks at her. Stunned. Yep, this is news to him.

At Granny’s, Emma tracks down the Stranger and tells him they need to talk. He asks why and she tells him because he’s suspicious. Emma wants to know why he was talking to Henry in front of his house. He tells her his bike broke down and that Henry approached him. The Stranger asks if it’s unusual for Henry to be curious and precocious. She changes gears and asks him what’s in his “mysterious box.” He makes a meal out of it, going on about how he’s going to carry it around to strange and mysterious places, “And with each passing moment, the mystery will become more tantalizing. Your imagination will inflame.” Then he makes Emma an offer, if she lets him by her a drink sometime he’ll show her right now. And yeah -- there’s chemistry. Emma eyes him suspiciously as he opens his “mysterious box” to reveal -- an old style typewriter. The Stranger smiles at Emma, tells her he’s a writer and that Storybrooke provides inspiration. He then closes up the box and start to leave. Emma asks what about that drink, the Stranger turns, “I said sometime.” She grins as he heads out the door.

Back at the Cabin, Mary Margaret realizes that David didn’t know Kathryn thought she might be pregnant. She asks if they were trying and David looks at her sincerely, tells her not as far as he knew. He asks her to believe him. Mary Margaret shushes him as she notices a lull in the storm. She grabs the cage with the dove and bolts out the door. David is behind Mary Margaret as she follows the sounds of the flock of doves. Then she spots them. Mary Margaret releases the caged dove and watches with David as it reunites with its mate. David tries to hold her hand but she pulls it away, telling him it’s too painful. Besides he chose Kathryn over her. David says he still has feelings for her. She tells him he can’t have both. David tells her, “But I do have both. I know... I know it doesn’t make sense. But it’s like I have these two conflicting lives. Memories of feelings for her. And real feelings for you.” Mary Margaret is conflicted and says who’s to say which is real. He can’t get her out of his head. Margaret becomes resolute, “I know. Me too. But we’re gonna have to. We’re just gonna have to forget each other.” She walks off leaving David stunned.

In Fairy Tale Land, King George tells Snow White he knows she’s the one who stole Prince Charming’s heart, putting the wedding and the entire kingdom in jeopardy. He tells Snow White she’s going to tell Charming that she doesn’t love him and break his heart. If she doesn’t, he’ll kill Charming. With no other choice, Snow finds Charming in bedroom. He’s ecstatic to see and sweeps her up in hug. Charming goes to kiss her but Snow pushes him away and tells him, “Us... it cant happen.” He’s confused, asks her what’s wrong. He tells her they can be together, “Now, that I know you that you love me too...” Snow interrupts him, “I don’t.” Charming is gut punched by that, “What?” Snow continues to turn the dagger, “Love you. I don’t.” She goes on to tell him there is no place for them together and to fill his heart with love for someone else, “Someone who can love you the way I never have. The way I never will.” It’s a dagger through the heart. Tears roll down Charming’s face. He’s frozen as she moves towards the door. With her back to him, we see that Snow is just as devastated. And with two hearts broken, she leaves.

David is at home in Storybrooke getting ready when Kathryn walks in. With the pregnancy test on his mind he asks her if she has anything to tell him. She opens up. Lets him know even though he’s been home, it’s not like he’s there. It’s been as hard on her as it has been on him. She wants to have a family with him but was relieved when her pregnancy test came back negative because they’re not ready for it now. She asks him to commit to working on their relationship and he does. He knows they should be in love and he wants to make that work. Relived, she notes the clock reads seven ten and they should get going if he wants to get his coffee before work. David thinks about it -- then makes a choice, “No. Why don’t we go downstairs and make some breakfast instead?” Kathryn happily agrees.

In Fairy Tale Land, Snow White walks down the road, away from the castle and Charming. She’s alone and heart broken when the seven dwarfs appear, led by Grumpy. When Snow suggests she should drink the potion to forget Charming, Grumpy doesn’t let her. He tells her to look around because she’s not alone. They’ll protect her. Grumpy takes her hand as they all head off together.

Back in Storybrooke, Emma sits down to eat her breakfast at the table as Mary Margaret sits across from her staring at something behind her. She turns and sees that Mary Margaret is staring at the clock on the wall as it hits seven fifteen. Mary Margaret is hurting and Emma knows it. No words are needed. No words are possible. She reaches across the table, takes her hand and squeezes it.

Charming rides furiously through an idyllic prairie in Fairy Tale Land. He gets off his horse when he sees a wood cabin. He calls out for Snow White but Red appears from the forest instead. She tells him that Snow never came back after she went to look for him. Charming’s face falls. But only for a moment. Then he meet’s Red’s gaze, eyes full of steely determination, and we hear those familiar words -- “Then I will find her. I will always find her.”

At the Dwarfs’ hovel, Grumpy runs into Snow’s room to tell her the royal wedding is off. Snow just sits there calm with a look of serenity on her face. Grumpy, “Did ya hear me? Your Prince Charming isn’t getting married!” Snow smiles with look of blissful ignorance, then a chilling reply, “Who?” Grumpy’s face drops as he turns to see the empty potion vial. And we get it -- every ounce of feeling and memory Snow had for Charming is gone.

It’s 7:45am in Storybrooke, Mary Margaret is getting coffee inside Granny’s diner when David opens the door and starts to enter. He stops the second he sees Mary Margaret and looks surprised. Then he does an about face and heads the back out the door. Mary Margaret hurriedly follows David out of Granny’s. She catches up to him around the corner. She asks him why he’s there. He tells her it’s 7:45 and he was trying not to see her. Mary Margaret says she, likewise, was trying not to see him. Apparently, they can’t stop seeing each other. They both agree this is a problem. They stare at one another for a long moment. And that’s when David breaks the silence -- “She’s not pregnant.” That does it. They both lean in and kiss each other. It’s a passionate moment. But unbeknownst to them, watching from inside her car across the street is Regina. And she’s not pleased.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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