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The Adventures of Beth and Lamar Recap

The Past

Steve rides up to a house and nervously knocks at the door. When his manager Eric answers the door, Steve draws a gun on him.

One Week Earlier

Steve wakes up next to his sleeping woman, Carol. He takes his bicycle to the office where he works and goes about his day. His manager calls him in and tells him that they're laying Steve off. Steve points out that he's been there 15 years, and the manager complains that he's being a dick about it.

When he takes his things home, Steve finds Eric standing there in his underwear. Eric claims that he came to the wrong house by mistake, but Carol comes in and is surprised to see Steve home early. His manager says that he thought Steve would go to a bar or something.

The Past

Steve braces himself to shoot Eric.


Kurt asks Steve if the rope he has for the shelter is okay.

That night, Florence tends to a sick Emma. She says that Florence has to get her off the island, and if she doesn't get the proper medication then she'll die. Florence blames herself for suggesting the girls' trip, and Emma suggests that they use Owen's boat. She assures Florence that she can fix it.

The next morning on the other side of the island, Danny and Owen realize that they're out of peanuts. They finally admit that they're hungry and Owen suggests that they go hunting. The two men figure that it can't be that hard to kill boars, and they go out to kill them.

At the camp, Pack examines his wounded shoulder and hallucinates Jerry reminding him that he ate corpses. Steve comes over and says that Karen found something in the jungle. Pack insists that he was already dead and he's not a cannibal, and Steve has no idea what he's talking about. He says that Karen found Pack's Xanax, and asks if Pack ate someone out there. Pack admits that he ate someone, and Steve recoils in disgust. Steve says that no one can ever know, and he promises not to tell anyone… if he knows that he can trust Pack.

In the pit, Todd is counting the days and realizes that it's the last day in the pit. He tells his pig Meat that he has to leave him behind because the survivors would eat him. Todd tells Meat to run into the jungle once they get out, and then tosses it out of the pit just as Karen comes by. She catches it and Todd explains that Meat is just going to the jungle and she should let him go. Karen says that she'll do the right thing, and then calls over Steve and tells him about Meat. Steve declares a pit extension, and assures Todd that nothing will happen to the boar... until they frighten it up.

Florence repairs the boat and tells Steve what she plans to do. She asks for some supplies, and Steve says that he can't give her food for a suicide mission. He insists that he has to do what's best for the others.

Owen and Danny look for boars, and Owen realizes that Danny never had any basic police training. Danny explains how he picked up some basic cop tricks. A boar runs out of the jungle at them and they run away.

That night, Florence approaches Kurt as he guards the supplies. She comes on to him and asks if he can find a condom. Kurt goes to look for one and Florence takes some food out of the supplies. However, Pack and Karen come up behind her. They take her to Steve, who claims that Florence never talked to him. She realizes that Steve is insane, but the survivors lower her into the pit. Todd greets her and Florence draws up a plan to escape, get the supplies, and leave on the raft. Pack is standing up above and points out that he can hear everything they're saying. Once he leaves, Florence and Todd come up with a new plan. Pack is still there and says that he can still hear them. Someone knocks him over the head with a rock and drops a rope to the prisoners.

When Florence and Todd crawl out, they discover that their rescuer is a man. Florence has no idea who he is, and the man says that he's Corey and kisses her. Corey explains that he's been on the island the entire time and he thought he and Florence had an unspoken connection. He complains that the ten main characters act like the rest of them are just background actors, and that he left Beth for her. Beth and her brother Lamar found a secret cove with maps that could be the key to escape. Disgusted, Corey threatens to tell Steve, and Florence kisses him. He apologizes for losing his cool, and Todd says that he has to take care of something and runs off. Meanwhile, Corey leads Florence off.

Owen can't start a fire, but refuses to go back to the camp. Danny says that he'll do his time, but Owen says that he doesn't care about Dann or the pit. He figures that if they go back then Steve wins and they're stuck there. Danny realizes that the whole thing was about Steve, not him, and tells Owen that he just goes from city to city never making friends. Owen insists that they're not friends, and Danny walks off.

Corey and Florence pick up Emma, who doesn't remember Corey. Florence assures Corey that Emma talks about him all the time.

Todd finds Meat and says that it has to go to its fellow boars. He releases Meat and it runs off.

Florence and Corey take Emma to the raft, and Todd arrives. He says that the others saw him and he'll hold them off while the others escape. Todd refuses to abandon Jess, but Corey tells him that Jess and Chet are banging and odd immediately agrees to go. Corey tells Florence to go and he'll find her, and then charges the survivors. Steve prepares to shoot Florence and Todd, and remembers the past.

The Past

Steve pus away the gun and asks Eric not to tell Carol. Eric says that he's probably going to tell her, and suggests that Steve go somewhere where he can make a new life for himself.


Steve pulls the trigger and shoots Todd. The other survivors draw back, and Steve screams that no one else leaves his island.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 27, 2016

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