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Bedtime Story Recap

The doctors rush the wounded Jason to the E, and Theo describes the surgery. Oscar insists that Jason isn't just another patient, but Theo tells him that it is. As they go, Kerry stands behind, watching.

Margaret stands on a cliff above her people. The thousands of Abbies stare at her, and she finally howls. At her signal, the Abbies run off into the forest. One Abbie runs back to their camp and yells, signaling the others to come. They howl back in response and charge forward.

In Wayward Pines, extraction teams go to get the families in relays.

Theo operates on Jason but Jason crashes despite his efforts. They try to revive him without success and he flatlines. In the observation gallery above, Kerry watches.

The townspeople gather outside of the hospital, and Theo goes out to tell them that they should all go home. He promises that they will all be safe, and then says that Jason died, and the best way to honor him is to fulfill his wish to survive. Theo says that the town needs strong leadership, but it doesn't need a dictator. He tells them that they're all that are left, and when they survive their destiny is to carry on as humanity.

Back in the hospital, Theo checks the status of the patients with Oscar. Oscar congratulates him in on his work, but then points out that he didn't do the operation properly. The intern asks if Theo did it on purpose, and Theo insists that he did everything he could to save the patient. He tells Oscar that he'll make an excellent doctor, and goes into the reception room. Arlene congratulates him on his speech and says that she's had a lot of jobs, and hospital receptionist has been the most satisfying. She says that she can make a difference for the future and that together they could save humanity, hugs him, and promises that she will see Theo in the mountains.

As Oscar prepares to move Jason's body, Theo comes in. Oscar points out that Jason has a rare blood type, and Kerry is one of the only ones who has it. Theo receives word that CJ is waiting in his office and goes to talk with him. CJ reports that the evacuation has gone and it's easier if they put everyone into suspension at the same time. He lays out the plan to leave behind the nonessential adults, and Theo wonders if they will deserve to know. CJ says that they will know once the rest of them are safe, and gives Theo the list that Jason made. Theo says that Jason wasn't a man, and CJ doesn't see the point in arguing over him when Theo has preferences of his own. The doctor says that he thought it should be random but it's impossible now, and CJ says that they should go with what is already planned. He notes that they can wake up some of the ones still in the pod to provide more pods for the survivors, but warns that Theo will be giving pardons and death sentences at the same time.

Theo meets with Kerry and tells her that a pod is now available. Kerry insists that Jason was doing what he thought was right. Theo doesn't believe it, and Kerry says that she's only interested in the truth. He says that Jason points out that she and Jason have a rare blood type, and Jason was placed in a pod just after Kerry gave birth. Once Theo leaves, Kerry vomits in shock.

Margaret waits as the Abbies from the encampment approach.

In his office, Theo gets his revolver and leaves.

At the mountain, the staff starts processing the people for the pods. CJ, Theo, Kerry, and Mario arrive, arrive, and CJ says that the first group are in the superstructure and the soldiers are going to gather the next wave. He asks Kerry if she's all right, and she says that she isn't.

The soldiers collect one family but inform Dale father that he has to wait for the next group. The man tells his children that he'll see them soon.

At the academy, the students board the buses. Lucy notices that her brother is gone. Inside, Frank and a few other children are told to wait. The other children wonders what's wrong with them, and Frank says that they'll be back. Meanwhile, Lucy yells for Frank as the soldiers usher onboard. She yells out the window and Frank runs to his sister. A soldier pistol-whips him, saying that he's not on the list, and another soldier drags Lucy away from the bus window as it leaves.

A soldier comes to collect Rebecca, and says that Xander will have to wait. She refuses to go without her husband, and Xander talks to her privately. Rebecca wonders if Theo is up to something, and says that she doesn't want to be alone again. Xander promises that he'll be there when she goes to sleep and when she wakes up, wherever Rebecca and her unborn child are. They kiss and Rebecca gets into the van, crying.

CJ visits Theo in the lab and says that the last group is heading for the pods. He warns that there are no guarantees in life, and Theo talks about how he has fixed people. They're doing the same thing that Pilcher did, and CJ realizes that Theo is talking in the past tense about saving lives.

The Abbies continue approaching the fence. Mario goes to Jason's office and sees them gathering.

Arlene stands outside of the hospital, plucking at a flower.

Xander walks down Main Street and watches as the remaining people riot.

Theo records a message for posterity saying that Pilcher was wrong about everything. They've run out of food and the enemy will soon overtake the town and kill everyone there. Theo explains that Pilcher collected virulent germs, and he plans to inject himself with three of them. After the incubation period, Theo will walk outside of the fence and be eaten, and the diseases will hopefully wipe out the Abbies. When the townspeople awake, it's possible they will have a new life. Theo says that there is no greater good: only good, no matter how small the act. With that, he ends the recording. Mario comes in and says that Rebecca is waiting, and warns that there's trouble at the checkpoint.

The group 2 people assemble at the mountain gates and riot. As the soldier gets Rebecca in, a man grabs him and cuts his throat. Theo comes out and Rebecca says that they left Xander. CJ fires a gun into the air and orders everyone away, and the people run off.

Lucy is awaiting processing when Rebecca comes in. The girl runs to her and they realize that both Frank and Xander aren't there.

Frank goes to the bar where Xander is drinking and asks for some liquor. The boy sits down with Xander and says that he wishes he was born somewhere else. After a moment, Xander pushes the bottle over to Frank. He takes a drink and then says that Rebecca is like a mother to Lucy. Theo drives up and tells them both to get in, and they do. Two townspeople step out in front of them holding Molotov cocktails, and Xander says that he's got it. He gets out and shoots the leader's bottle, setting him on fire. They then drive off.

Theo drives to the mountain and they go in. Arlene approaches Theo and sys that he could have just told them. She tells him to say hello to the future for her and walks away. Theo tells her that she's taking the dead soldier's pod and Arlene runs over and kisses Theo, thanking him. They go inside and CJ locks the door behind them.

Theo and the others take the elevator down to the pod room, and Xander wonders why Theo saved his life. Theo admits that he doesn't know either. When Xander wonders if things will be different, CJ says that they have to be. When they arrive, Xander and Frank find Rebecca and Lucy. Rebecca looks at Theo as he stares at them.

Kerry is in line when CJ tells her that it's not her fault. He tells he that Jason and Pilcher aren't there, but Kerry is and she survived because of her intelligence and instinct. CJ says that he needs it, and Kerry deserves a fresh start. Kerry says that one was enough and walks away.

Theo is in Jason's office when Rebecca comes in and hugs him. She thanks him for saving Xander, and says that they couldn't save the marriage but only Theo can save the town. Theo goes to the lab and Kerry comes in. She plays his recording and then says that there is no greater good: only good, no matter how small the act. Kerry tells him that she is still a way she can serve her purpose and make things right, and drops the used vials. She says that humanity needs Theo and more people like him in the future, and less people like her son. They go the elevator and Theo gives Kerry morphine and tells her to inject it before she goes out the fence. As she takes the elevator up, Kerry says that the future won't miss her because she's just a girl from Idaho.

Theo and CJ meet in the pod room and CJ says that the only power remaining will go to the fence and the pods. The doctor then tells the survivors that he's seen the best and the worst of them there, and they need to carry the best into the future. Theo wishes them luck and they enter the pods.

Kerry leaves the mountain and goes to the fence.

Theo watches Rebecca and Xander hug, and smiles at them. Everyone enters the pods.

The lights go out through Wayward Pines.

Whistling, Dale finishes painting and then hangs himself.

The pods fill with volcanic sand and everyone goes into hibernation.

Margaret looks down on the Abbies.

CJ prepares to terminate his pod. His wife Eileen appears to him and says that he can make the world whatever he wants.

Kerry steps out through the fence.

CJ looks at Eileen and smiles, and then enters his pod and goes into suspended animation.

The gate closes behind Kerry, and the Abbies move in.

Later, the Abbies return to the forest and tend to their children as they all die of the disease.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 28, 2016

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