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Couples Recap

A robber makes his way across the rooftops, and Tick and Arthur try to catch him. Arthur lands in the wrong spot, but the robber is cut off by Fiery Blaze andis sidekick Friendly Fire. They bring down the robber and high-exchange secret handshakes, and Tick goes over to express his authorization. Fiery Blaze ignores Arthur and shakes tick’s hand, while Friendly Fire shakes Arthur’s hand. They talk about the sidekick life, and Arthur says that he doesn’t think of himself as a sidekick. Meanwhile, Fiery Blaze suggests that they get together, and Friendly Fire suggests the next night. His senior partner tells him to be quiet, and Tick says that it’s good for them. The fiery heroes hand Tick their card and leave.

Back at Arthur’s apartment, Tick is still raving about Fiery Blaze’s expertise. Later, they go to the Panda and meet Batmanuel and Janet. Tick figures that they have to get their act together., and their friendsjokingly point out that they’re like a married couple. Tick doesn’t get it and boasts about the camaraderie that they, and Janet wonders if he’s saying there’s a problem with working alone. He suggests that they’re lonely people, and Arthur figures that they only have room for themselves.

Later, Captain Lonely wonders if they’re lonely. Batmanuel assures her that they’re “lone”, but not “lonely.” She hesitantly agrees and leaves. As she heads home, Janet looks at couples together and stops at the window of a pet store to look at some puppies.

At Arthur’s apartment, Arthur shaves for their dinner. He’s unhappy that Tick accepted the invitation without checking with him, and figures that it’ll be awkward. Tick insists that being with Fiery Blaze and his sidekick will show Arthur the valuable of duoiness, but Arthur is more concerned that Tick doesn’t put the cap back on the toothpaste.

The next day, Janet goes into the pet store and tells the clerk, Randall, that she wants to buy a puppy.He suggests that Janet spend some time with the puppy first, but Janet doesn’t see the price and Randall refuses to let her ruin a puppy’s life because she’s a single woman. The clerk tells Janet to find a singles chat room.

That night, Blaze tells stories about how Fire got himself captured. Meanwhile, Fire suggests that they all go see a movie marathon. Fiery Blaze complains that Fire is clingy, and warns Arthur that his sidekick gets suicidal if people don’t pay attention to him. Arthur starts to leave, but Fire jumps in and says that he’ll help him find the bathroom.

In the bathroom, Arthur wonders if Blaze always treats Fire so dismissively. Fire doesn’t see the problem.

Blaze asks Tick what Arthur does, and Tick admits that Arthur mostly yells at him for leaving the cap off the toothpaste. His new friend points out that Tick is the superhero and the sidekick is supposed to do the work. He insists that Tick is the superstar and the sidekick handles the scut work.

Fire realizes that Blaze is mistreating him, and kicks him a lot. He asks Arthur what he should do, and Arthur hesitantly starts to suggest something.

Batmanuel is eating a TV dinner at home and watching porn when Janet calls him. She complains that she’s at home alone on a Friday night, and says that she’s vulnerable. Batmanuel starts talking dirty to her and she hangs up.

Back at Arthur’s apartment, Arthur is complaining about Blaze when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Fire, holding his suitcase, and he tells Arthur that he took a stand and walked out on Blaze. Tick immediately offers to let Fire sit there, and Arthur irritably says that they should talk about it. It’s too late, and he’s stuck with Fire as his new roommate.

The next day, Janet has a disguised Batmanuel go in to buy the dog while she watches from the street. He ends up with a bulldog instead and explains that Randall convinced him to buy it. He hands it off and leaves. Janet takes the dog walking and an officer gives her a ticket for failing to clean up.

At Arthur’s apartment, Blaze is making himself up in the bathroom. Arthur complainsthat Blaze is taking too long in the bathroom, and says that he’s stayed three nights when Tick only one night. When Arthur tells Tick that he has to kick Fire out, Tick says that it’s a sidekick’s job and Arthur is the sidekick. As they argue, Fire hears them. He peers out as Arthur tells Tick to go patrol by himself. Once Tick leaves, Fire comes out and says that Tick talks the same as Blaze. He figures that all superheroes are on a power trip, and tells Arthur to get himself cleaned up because he’s going to take him out.

Fire takes Arthur to a sidekicks meeting and introduces him to Johnny Republic, Fishboy, and Kid Caboose. They commiserate about their tyrannical partners, and Arthur figures that he doesn’t belong there. He says that Tick looks out for him, and figures that the sidekicks have deep deep problems.

Batmanuel arrives at Janet’s loft and discovers that her new dog has torn the place up. She blames Batmanuel for making her get the dog, and realizes that the dog has taken one of her grenades... and left the pin behind.

Tick stands on a rooftop and wonders where to go without Arthur to guide him. Arthur arrivesand says that they have it pretty good. Tick agrees, and Arthur says that they don’t have to argue about who is in charge. As his friend concurs, Fire arrives and says that he’s there to save Arthur from himself. He declares that sidekicks should unite, and Arthur and Tick say that they’re partners. A drunken Blaze arrives.

Janet tries to call the dog over, and realizes that she never named it. He runs off with the grenade in his mouth, and then drops it. It goes off as the heroes run for cover without much luck.

Blaze dismisses Fire as a nobody and says that it’s time for him to come home. The senior hero finally admits that he’s no good without Fire, and Fire makes him promise that things are going to change. Blaze passes out and Fire takes him home. Tick suggests that they go get something to eat... if it’s okay with Arthur. Arthur agrees and they leave.

The next day, Tick and Arthur come back from grocery shopping. They run into a bruised Janet and Batmanuel, walking the dog after they got it neutered.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 30, 2016

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