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Arthur Needs Space (aka Arthur Needs His Space) Recap

Janet breaks into the Peek a Boom production warehouse and shuts down the presses. She tells a worker that she’s there to make sure their filth never sees the light of day, but the worker says that the one with her naked went out the day before.

Arthur and Tick are getting coffees when Arthur sees a woman, Stacy Waxman. He tells Tick that Stacy is a girl he went to high school with. She notices him and comes over, and admires his suit. Stacy says that Arthur is a different person, and Arthur introduces Tick. She3 suggests that they go out to dinner and catch up, and tells Arthur to keep his suit on.

That night on the rooftop, Arthur and Tick roast hot dogs with Batmanuel. Batmanuel says that Stacy’s attraction is the power of the suit, and Arthur figures that’s the only reason Stacy is talking to her. His friend tells him to use the suit and never take it off. Janet arrives and says that once the government sees her nude photos, they’ll fire her. She explains how a European photographer claimed the photos were for his private collection. Batmanuel wonders what the problem is, and Janet says that she doesn’t look that way anyway. He offers to help her, saying that he understands the honor of a fallen woman. She reluctantly agrees, while Arthur worries that Stacy is only interested in him because of the suit. Batmanuel confirms that it’s been a while since Arthur has had sex, and advises him to wear the suit. Tick wonders when they will pick him up.

At Arthur’s apartment, Arthur tells Tick not to wait up. Tick hasn’t figured out that Arthur wants to see Stacy alone, and Arthur says that they’re not duo when he has a date. When that doesn’t work, Arthur gives him the key to their apartment and says that Tick is ready.

At dinner, Stacy continues to admire Arthur. She mistakes him for someone she had sex with in high school, and then talks about the suit again.

Janet and Batmanuel park outside the publishing company in Batmanuel’s car. She wonders why he’s really there, and Batmanuel says that if he can’t see her naked then no one can.

Arthur takes Stacy back to his apartment and he asks to see her again. She agrees and they start to kiss, but Arthur walks away until Stacy reminds him that it’s his apartment. Stacy is eager to start with a kiss.

Batmanuel finishes off a Big Gulp and goes to “water the bushes.” The delivery truck passes but Batmanuel is too busy to get her the keys.

Inside the apartment, Stacy tells Arthur that she’s never been with a superhero before. As they start to kiss, Tick comes in and sits down with the two of them. Arthur calls him into the bedroom and tells Tick to get out. Tick has no idea what sex is, and Arthur leaves him in the bedroom and goes to Stacy before she leaves. He fails.

The next morning, Batmanuel and Janet go to the Panda and Janet complains that they failed because of Batmanuel. They meet Tick and Arthur, and Janet tells them what happened. Arthur explains that Stacy left early because of Tick, but he figures that the costume is giving her expectations that he can’t follow through on. Batmanuel doesn’t relate.

Back at the apartment, Tick assures Arthur that he understands what Arthur is trying to do with Stacy. He figures that Arthur wants to fight crime with Stacy behind Tick’s back, and Arthur tells him that he’s seeing Stacy--alone. Tick insists that Arthur already has a date with the penal code, and Arthur just sighs and goes to the Laundromat to wash his costume.

Janet is walking down the street and comes to some workers reading the magazine. When they catcall her, she beats them. Back at her loft, she complains to Batmanuel. The government calls and summons her to a disciplinary hearing, Tick arrives and wonders what Stacy has that he doesn’t. Batmanuel privately tells Janet that they have to explain sex to Tick. They reluctantly begin but Tick doesn’t understand the vast majority of their words.

Later, Tick tracks down some male gigolos on a street corner and says that he’s always looking for action. He’s too strange even for them.

At the disciplinary hearing, General Thomas asks Janet if she has anything to say on her behalf. Janet says that the person who took the photos is a spy, but they don’t believe her. Batmanuel speaks up and asks to address the court. He gives a speech saying that Janet’s nudity is the symbol of an open society, but the general soon cuts him off to deliberate... and look at the photos.

At the Laundromat, Arthur talks to himself about how he feels fake wearing the suit. He sees Stacy outside and tries to put his wet suit on. Stacy comes in just as Arthur gets his suit on.

As Janet and Batmanuel wait at Janet’s loft for the verdict, Tick asks them to help him understand what Arthur is feeling.

Stacy asks for a hug and wonders if he’s sweating. Arthur finally says that she just wants to hug the suit, not him. He tells her that she wants the man inside the suit, and Stacy assures him that she does. She’s surprised that he thinks she’s so superficial, and says that the blue guy creeps her out. Arthur suggests that they finish what they started, and Stacy hugs him.

Janet tries to explain intimacy to Tick, but he still doesn’t get it. She finally shows him the naked photos of herself, and Tick bursts into laughter. He thinks it’s a man with bosoms, and Batmanuel tells Janet that they should take a break.

At Arthur’s apartment, Janet and Arthur kiss and his wings activate, knocking him back. Smiling, he says to do it again.

Tick walks through the streets trying to work out sex. He sees a TV running a documentary about praying mantises and listens as it says the female eats the male. Stricken, Tick goes off to save Arthur.

Arthur takes off his costume and Stacy assures him that he’s a stud. They kiss and then Arthur goes to the bedroom. Tick comes in and sees Stacy holding Arthur’s costume, and assumes that she’s eaten Arthur. He pries open her mouth just as Arthur comes back in, and an exasperated Stacy leaves. Tick says that he just wanted to save Arthur and breaks into tears, but then realizes that Arthur is alive and hugs him.

Later on the rooftop, Batmanuel is looking at the magazine photos with Arthur and Tick. Janet arrives and says that the government dropped the charges. She figures that she owes Batmanuel, but makes it clear sex isn’t involved. Janet then asks Arthur if he patched things up with Stacy, and he says that he’s taking her out to dinner. Tick wonders when they pick her up.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 31, 2016

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