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Call and Response Recap

People prepare for Jesse's sermon on Sunday where he's promised to summon God to Annville. Tulip returns and talks to Mos, who says that God's coming. She tells Tulip that rumor has it that Donnie has gotten hold of Jesse.

After sex, Donnie and Betsy hare having breakfast when Tulip breaks in through the patio window, holding a gun. She demands to know where Jesse is, and Jesse comes out from the shower.

Cassidy is in a jail cell. A deputy comes by to release the other prisoner, the Prairie Dog mascot. Hugo speaks from the shadows, asking where Eugene is, and Cassidy tells him that he doesn't want to know. Hugo sits down and reviews the charges against Cassidy in other towns, including an attempted murder in NYC. The dates of the arrests go back to 1922. Hugo has seen Cassidy's sunglasses and goofy hats, and shoots Cassidy. He then pours a cup of blood from a thermos and offers it to Cassidy through the bars, figuring that he's a vampire and warning that it'll be a long night.

At supper, Donnie says that he could have killed Jesse and been a hero, but remembered that Jesse had been merciful to him before. He was merciful in response, letting Jesse hide out there. Donnie says that Jesse showed him that he's not a bad guy. Tulip doesn't believe it, but Betsy tells her to lose the altitude. She goes out with Jesse for a smoke, and tulip wonders what's going on. Jesse points out that Tulip came back for him after he left her a message. He apologizes and Tulip tells him that he should be. She asks Jesse to do something for her, and warns that it's bad. Tulip takes him to her car and opens the trunk, revealing Oscar inside, and says to kill him.

The Past

Carlos is talking to a mail woman, Jennifer, and offers to take her mail into the post office for her. She agrees and once she leaves, Carlos tosses the mail in the garbage. Jesse and Tulip are listening over his radio while inside, breaking open the PO boxes. Carlos comes in and they tell him it'll be another nine minutes until they get the vault open. They toss Carlos a bag with that they've taken so far, and he puts it in the trunk of their car parked in the back. He steps in a puddle of water, ruining his shoes, and goes back inside. He looks at the guard tied up on the floor, takes out a knife, and cuts him free before walking out.

A few minutes later, Carlos drives off as Jesse is forced to shoot the guard in the head Tulip watches Carlos go and says that she's lost her baby.



Jesse asks Carlos why he left them, and Carlos says that they were happy. After a moment, Jesse slams the trunk shut.

At the meat plant, the technician is talking to his wife on the phone.

In the cell, Cassidy priest bullets out of his body and takes another drink of blood. Hugo asks where Eugene is, and Cassidy tells Jesse hurt Eugene by accident. As Hugo reloads his gun, he talks about how the world is a monster swamp. Cassidy points out that what Hugo is doing is illegal, but Hugo says that it isn't when a man is looking for his son. The vampire asks Hugo if there's a little part of him that would be happy if Eugen is gone because he's so annoyingly good. He wonders how Hugo does it waking up to Eugene's face, and Hugo shoots him repeatedly. He then enters the cell and says that he can go, and walks away.

Inside the Schrenks' house, Jesse warns Tulip that they'll burn in Hell. Betsy is in bed with Donnie, listening to them argue. Meanwhile, Tulip says that Carlos took everything from them out of spite, and they get to kill him. She insists that someone has to pay, and after a moment Jesse gets a garbage bag and oven mitts. He tells Tulip that he's going to Hell anyway and goes out to the car. Jesse puts the bag on Carlos, holds his gun, and puts the oven mitt over it. As he prepares to shoot Carlos, Tulip comes out and hugs him. Smiling, she says that it's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for her... and Jesse was right that it wouldn't make a difference. Jesse agrees but says that it'll feel good, and Tulip tells him not to. He realizes that she's changing her mind, Tulip says that it's the thought that counts.

They cut Carlos loose and he apologizes, saying that he lost his head. As he leaves, tulip grabs a tire iron and gives it to Carlos. He takes it and Jesse says that it's still unfair. He insists that Carlos take his gun and then asks Carlos if he's ready. Carlos says that he isn't, and Jesse tells him "tough shit."

A few minutes later, a battered and bloody Carlos staggers down the street.

The next morning at the church, Betsy tells the deputies that Jesse and Tulip are at her place, and it isn't Donnie's fault. Once they drive to the Schrenk house, Betsy lets Jesse and Tulip out of the trunk of her car. They go inside with Betsy and Donnie, and clean up the place. Jesse takes out the angels' telephone and the angel's hand, and Betsy comes over. She figures out how the phone works, and points out the video conferencing feature.

Everyone gathers at the church, and Jesse and Tulip wait in the kitchen. She wonders what is going to happen, and Jesse admits that he has no idea. Tulip tells him that no matter what, they're getting French fries afterward. She goes out and waits, and Cassidy comes up to her. Tulip hugs him and he says that he wouldn’t have missed the sermon.

Emily is at the organ with her daughter April. April wonders if Miles is coming, and Emily says that he's meeting God somewhere else.

Terri has the comatose Tracy popped up.

Jesse comes out and everyone watches him, including Hugo in the balcony. Odin steps out and thanks everyone for coming, and says that they're going to answer Mankind's most pressing question: what's going on. He tells everyone that Jesse is full of shit and going to fail, and the only real God is the God of meat. Whoever is right gets the church, and he tells Jesse to get on with it.

Everyone watches as Jesse takes out the phone and uses the angel hand to turn it on. Nothing happens at first, and Odin says that it's it. The sun goes out and then a blast of light and heat smashes into the church. God appears in the glass window and tells everyone to look upon him for he is the Lord their God. He asks why they have called him, and everyone looks at Jesse. Jesse steps forward and says that they all have questions, and God is furious that they question Him.

Tulip angrily yells that they're the ones who should be yelling at Him, and god says that "I am" is the only answer they need. Jesse says that's not enough, and sin is winning and they are losing. He tells God to act like a father and answer some questions. God breaks into laughter and applauds, and admits that Jesse has balls. He tells them to ask, and a girl steps up and asks why bad things happen to good people. God says that he wanted Humanity to have everything, including pain: everything that makes them a person. The girl says that she understands, and everyone tells her to let the rest take their turns.

The congregation starts yelling out questions, and Odin asks if his family is with God. God says that they're there with him, and then asks Jesse what his question is. Jesse says that he has lot of them, but the one question he'd ask is what God's plan is for him. God tells him that it's to be a shepherd to his flock, and Jesse says that he failed. Jesse asks why God gave him the Voice if he couldn't save the townspeople, and God tells him that he has not failed. He brought them to God and so they are saved. Jesse asks about Eugene, and God says that they are all saved. Everyone cheers, and Tulip tells Jesse that he did it.

Jesse says that he sent Eugene to Hell, and everyone stares at him. God seems confused and quickly asks if someone else has a question. Unsatisfied, Jesse says that he has one last question: he figures that he's not God. God insists that he is, but Jesse points out that he just picked his nose. Using the Voice, Jesse demands to see God. After a moment, "God" admits that he doesn't know. He says that none of them do and God is missing. "God" says that the preacher made him says that, and several other angels haul him away and break the signal.

The lights come back up, and Jesse stands in front of the congregation. He says that it's time to go, and Tulip and Cassidy go with him. Odin yells at Jesse to denounce God. Cassidy asks where they're going, and Jesse says that Tulip wants French fries. Hugo doesn't make a move to stop Jesse, and after a minute everyone leaves. Emily plays on the organ, smiling.

Soon, the Meat Men tear down everything in the church. Odin grabs the cross, pulls it down, and smashes it.

Later at home, Emily tells her children that nothing has changed. Their father is still in Heaven, and they just need to stay true to themselves because they don’t need God... and they never did.

The Prairie Dog mascot takes a last smoke and then hangs himself.

Several young girls get off of Linus' school bus, leaving his bleeding corpse behind.

Crying, Terri smothers Tracy with a pillow.

Hugo and his wife watch TV.

Betsy sits on the bed with Donnie, who is staring off into space.

Odin sits in his office and holds a dummy of his daughter that he's made out of ground chuck.

At the plant, the alarms go off. A woman wearing a ball gag tries and fails to release the pressure on the methane-electro reactor with the technician dead behind her.

Methane gas releases across Annville. After a moment it explodes, destroying the town and the church.

Fiore returns to town on the bus.

At a diner, Cassidy is discussing The Big Lowbowski. Tulip asks Jesse what the plan is, and he says that they're going to find God. Tulip wonders what they're going to do when they find him, and Jesse says that if God wants their help then they'll help him. If he doesn't, then they're going to kick their ass. Tulip smiles and says that it's time to go. As Jesse pays the bill, he hallucinates Eugene at the register and promises that he's going to get him out of Hell one way or another. Meanwhile, the news runs a report on the destruction of Annville.

Outside, Tulip asks Jesse what Genesis is. He asks if she wants him to show her, and Tulip agrees. Jesse uses the Voice and tells her to kiss him, and she does. After a moment she pulls away, shocked, and punches Jesse. Tulip tells him to never do that again and gets in the car. Jesse gets in as well and they drive off.

Mos staggers through the ruins of the church. The Cowboy shoots her dead and says one word: "Preacher."

Written by Gadfly on Aug 1, 2016

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