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Jamie's Got a Gun Recap

A mother is trying to calm down her baby daughter, who is crying early in the morning. Overhead, a swarm of cicadas appears, trilling in the night. The trilling grows louder and the woman screams, clutching at her ears, as millions of cicadas move closer.

On the plane, the team reviews the footage of the jellyfish that they recovered in Lisbon. Its cells tell them that it was exposed to radiation in 1895, enough to cause a genetic mutation that is causing the Triple Helix. Leonard Pierce, a pseudo-scientist and entertainer, stole the technology x-raying animals and humans. He picked up a vulture in Argentina, suggesting that all of the animals that are mutating are descendants of the ones that Pierce exposed to x-rays. Janos' great-great grandfather lived in Budapest at the same time that Pierce passed through. Mitch admits that that either one of Jackson's parents could have passed the gene on to Jackson, even though he hasn't determined the link yet. Eventually Pierce set up in Holbreach, England. When his animals display troubling symptoms, he hid his work. Allison has tracked down Pierce's last known address, and if the team can find a complete list of animals exposed to the x-rays, then they'll know what animals that they need for the cure.

As the plane prepares to touch down, Mitch joins Jamie at the bar. Jackson is working nearby and hears noises from around the plane. Meanwhile, Jamie talks about the whole world has changed since their first plane went down, and she thought that they had won. She admits that she was naïve and promises that she won't make that mistake again. Mitch asks what she's going to do, and Jamie says that they'll finish it together. However, she doesn't think that it will end well.

Allison comes in as Jamie leaves, and tells Mitch that they're benching Jamie because she's unstable and a liability. She warns that Davies is looking for any opening to destroy what they're doing, and Mitch points out that Jamie is the one who put them onto Reiden and he's giving Jamie as much time as she needs. When Allison suggests that they have one more drink, Mitch hesitates as he leaves.

After the plane touches down, Jackson goes to the cargo bay and gets out some digging tools. Dariela asks what he's going, but Jackson ignores her and drives off. The Ranger goes to the lounge and tells Allison and Mitch that they have a problem.

The team drives to the field where Jackson is digging. Abe goes over and asks his friend what he's doing, and Jackson says that they have to bury Chloe. He doesn't remember that they sent Chloe's body back to France, and starts saying, "All Good Children Are Growing Teeth" over and over. Mitch realizes what he's saying and says that it's the key to everything.

The next morning back on the plane, Jackson rummages through the lab equipment. Mitch is watching, and Allison says that Jackson is a danger to the mission. He tells his stepmother that he can handle it, and Allison says that she's going to London to deal with some business. She promises that when she returns, they'll talk about Jackson and Jamie. Meanwhile, Jackson finds a case with some tracking chips and injects himself with one so that they can follow him. Mitch says that what happened is some kind of dissociative fugue, and points out that what Jackson was reciting was a mnemonic for a genetic sequence: the first six nucleotides in the ghost gene. He figures that what they were talking about earlier triggered something in Jackson's memory. Without the Triple-Helix sequence, the cure is useless. Abe comes in and asks if Jackson is ready to go to pierce's address, and Mitch says that he needs Jackson. Jackson reluctantly agrees.

Abe, Jamie, Dariela, and Logan arrive in Holbreach and they notice that the building windows are boarded from the insides. Two panthers climb out on top of a nearby rooftop, and the mother runs past with a boy, Bobby, chasing after her. He trips and the team goes to him, and he says that they should go inside. The cicadas fly up, trilling, and everyone clutches at their ears. Bobby leads the team into a nearby church where the townspeople are sitting, sleeping. A projector is playing a movie.

Mitch administers a hypnotic sedative to Jackson and says that they're going to use cognitive repression reversal. He injects the sedative and tells Jackson to think about Robert mentioning genetics. Jackson remembers going into Robert's lab and playing with a ferret, Felix. One day Jackson finds Robert opening up Felix's brain and examining the cranial nerves. Jackson tells Mitch that he's seen a ghost.

Dariela confirms that the cicadas have been making the noise for two weeks. Some left and some tried, but they're too tired to think straight. Nobody knows when it's safe to go out, and when the cicadas make the noise, the other animals come looking for food. A woman, Rosie, hears something scratching at the door and opens it. As Father Pete Harris tries to stop her, the animals leap in and attack the townspeople. The team gets the survivors into the sanctuary and when Abe runs out of tranqs, Dariela shoots an attacking bear before it can kill him.

Inside the sanctuary, Pete assumes that the team is from Reiden. He explains that Reiden was there a week ago and cleared out Pierce's old place. Pete took photos and they show the team carrying a lead box, and Dariela wonders how Reiden can be ahead of them. Abe figures that the bones of the animals that Pierce brought back to Holbreach are still hidden somewhere in town. As Pete says that he can help them, a townsperson warns that some of the people are injured. Dariela and Logan go to patch them up.

Mitch tells Jackson that he's in control of his memories, and has him focus on Robert's office. Jackson remembers Robert talking to someone, warning that the animals might rise up against humanity. Meanwhile, a young Jackson looks through his father's files and sees photos of a man and a woman. Jackson tells Mitch that his father was doing human testing. Then there was a fire that destroyed the lab, and Robert lost his sanity and his credibility as well.

In Holbreach, Pete leads Jamie and Dariela to the town hall and shows them all of the records. They figure that if Reiden didn't find the bones then Pierce owned another property somewhere in Holbreach.

At the Reiden facility, Davies confirms that Dariela is still with the team and says that they need to recover her. He tells his aide, Mansdale, to reach out to their asset.

Dariela talks to Allison and gets the name of a contact near a safe zone who can take everyone in Holbreach. However, it's 80 miles away and they can't send rescue vehicles. Logan says that he knows someone who might be able to pull some strings and get an evac. The number is disconnected, and Bobby asks why they can't help them. Dariela tells the boy that she has a job to take care of a sick friend. Bobby figures that the friend needs Dariela's help more than they do.

At the town hall, the trio finds nothing and Pete says that Jamie and the others should move on to accomplish something bigger. As they argue, she drops a file. When they pick it up, they find a plot at the cemetery that Pierce bought in 1991. He supposedly buried his brother George there, but the records show that Pierce was an only child. They head out to the cemetery.

Mitch tells Jackson that he can understand why Robert went insane after the cure was destroyed. All Robert brought home was rage, and Jackson had to get out. He remembers telling Elizabeth that she has to take a job in Africa so that they can get away from Robert. Jackson tells his mother that their passports were in Robert's lab, and Mitch asks how Jackson knew that if he was never allowed in Robert's office.

Abe returns to the church to get Dariela and Logan, and she tells him that the last time she was in a church was for her father's funeral three years ago. She describes the service and that he was a soldier, and she wants to be more. Abe assures her that she is, and Dariela says that she's going to help the townspeople get to safety. She says that she can't make the same mistake by going with them, and then says that Jackson asked her to kill him if his mutation goes too far. Abe doesn't believe Jackson would hurt any of them, but Dariela says that Jackson knows none of them can pull the trigger. If she gets on the plane then she chooses death, and she wants to choose life. She kisses Abe and then walks away.

On the plane, Jackson insists that he was never in Robert's office. Mitch figures that Jackson is repressing, and Jackson insists that they need a break. His friend says that Chloe died saving the world, tells Jackson to face his daddy issues, and injects more of the drugs. Jackson remembers entering the lab and freeing the animals. He then breaks into Robert's office and finally remembers that he started the fire thinking that he was saving his father. Mitch has Jackson write down the gene sequence, and Jackson says that he destroyed everything.

Logan tells Dariela that there are 400 people and four injured that they need to get to safety. Dariela says that she'll lead them and tells Logan to stay with Jamie. She advises him to hold onto their bond, and Logan tells her to be careful. Once he leaves, Dariela tells the townspeople to go home and get everything that they can carry, and then they're getting out.

At the cemetery, Pete and Abe dig up the coffin and find the bones inside. Pete mentions that Robert was in charge of the Reiden team that took the x-rays, just as the cicadas start swarming. The trio runs to their car, evading the cicadas, and Pete shows them a photo of Robert from those he took. Logan arrives to take Pete to his congregation, and Jamie thanks Pete for giving her hope.

On the plane, Jackson hallucinates Robert for a moment, and then remembers Robert telling him goodbye as he and Elizabeth go to Africa. As they hug, Robert says that he know he burned down his lab and injects him in the neck.

The others return and Abe tells Jamie that they can't tell Jackson that Robert is alive. If it turns out to be a lie, Abe figures that it will unravel Jackson further. Jamie reluctantly agrees.

Jackson tells Mitch that Robert knew he burned down the lab, and shows Mitch the injection spot on his neck. Mitch says that there is anomalous material in Jackson's DNA. He figures that Robert created the synthetic version of the gene and injected Jackson with it. Jackson wonders why he would do that.

The townspeople gather in the town square, and Dariela gets them moving out. Bobby joins her and she smiles.

Once he's alone, Logan calls Davies and says that Dariela is gone and Jackson is still onboard. Davies tells him not to do anything, just as Jamie arrives. Logan pretends that he's talking to his sister and hangs up.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 3, 2016

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