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Javier and the Gang Recap

Owen sits alone in the jungle, complaining that all of the survivors are stupid. Something moves in the jungle and Owen yells at them to reveal themselves. Someone finally comes up: the head stewardess, Rosa

Todd paddles away on the raft and finally tells Emma and Florence that they're far enough away. Emma, waking up, offers to look at his gunshot wound. She confirms that it's just a graze, while Florence figures that they're going to die. Emma points out that Florence saved her life and thanks her, while Todd takes in the fact that Jess boned Chet.

Rosa says that they thought Owen and the others were all dead, and explains that there's another camp. Owen assures her that she looks good, and Rosa says that they have tons of food and water. She confirms that they're focusing on escaping the island and takes Owen to their camp.

The next morning, Florence wakes up on the raft and discovers that Emma is gone. She wakes up Todd and she yells for Emma while Todd realizes that the food is floating away. Emma has drifted off on another part of the raft, and they discover that the oars are gone. Florence goes for Emma while Todd swims to the food, both of them holding onto ropes. However, the line isn't long enough for either of them to get to what they're trying to get, and Florence can only watch as Emma drifts off.

Owen tells Rosa about Steve, and Rosa says that they all make decisions together. He's surprised that Rosa is okay with that, given she always wants to be in charge. Rosa says that she's learned that people need people, and leads Owen into the camp. Owen is shocked to discover that Rosa has dressed up wreckage as people. Rosa introduces everyone and tells them to make Owen feel welcome. She says that her "survivors" want to know why he's there. When Owen explains, a clearly insane Rosa insists that Owen isn't there to do them any harm... and she'll take care of it if he does. Owen says that he wants to go back to his camp, and Rosa figures that they can all go with him. He has no choice but to agree to bring them along, but Rosa says that Owen will spend the night first.

Back on the raft, Florence cries and figures that she killed her best friend. Todd says that he left the love of his life on the island with, and they soon argue about who did worse.

Rosa and Owen eat, and Owen asks how they found each other. She says that it was only her for about a month but then the crew found her and everybody else showed up. Owen finally says that they're not real, and points out that none of them can do anything. Rosa still doesn't believe him, draws a knife on him, and tells him to shut up. She says that he's talking crazy and she has to protect her people, and Owen tries to calm her down. Rosa admits that she's crazy and she knows that they're not real, advances on Owen, and kisses him. She insists that she doesn't want to be alone anymore and shoves Owen to the ground.

On the raft, Todd complains that he's seasick and then suggests that he and Florence have sex. She reluctantly agrees but realizes that's Todd's wound looks terrible. As they start to kiss, Florence sees a fire and tells Todd to get his shirt on and start paddling.

Owen wakes up and calls to Rosa. She's with the other "survivors," saying that she had to seduce Owen to keep him there. Rosa insists that Owen is insane and dangerous, and they "vote" that they should kill Owen in his sleep. Owen runs and stumbles into Florence and Todd, who realize that they landed back on the island. Rosa comes up and asks who Owen's friends are.

Back at the camp, Rosa ties them up and accuses Owen of planning to murder them. She asks how many are out there, and Florence says that they arrived on a raft. Rosa calls a camp meeting while Todd tells Owen that Steve shot him. When Owen says that Danny went back to the camp, they figure that Steve will kill him. Owen tells Rosa that she has to let them go. He says that she was right about people needing people, and he has to get back and help his friend. Rosa refuses, saying that she's going to kill them.

One of her "campmates," Javier, suggests that she keep one alive to row. Todd and Florence volunteer each other, and Todd finally begs for his life. Owen says that he's surprised to see her take orders from Javier. Rosa insists that they all make the decisions, but then starts arguing with Javier. She wants to have Javier kill the prisoners while she checks out the raft. Before she goes, Rosa tosses her knife to the others "survivors" and tells them to stand guard.

A few minutes later, Rosa comes back and discovers that Todd and Owen are her people hostage. As she tries to rally her people to attack, Florence clubs her over the head with a suitcase. The trio goes to the raft and prepares to leave, but Owen says that he has to go back for Danny. Florence agrees to go back for Emma, and Todd goes so that he won't look like a douchebag.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 3, 2016

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