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Cop Tricks Recap

Steve shoots and hits Todd, and then yells at the other survivors that no one else leaves his island. Jess asks what he's doing, and Steve insists that he's protecting their new life because there's nothing out there for them. Danny runs up, gasping for breath, to see if everyone is okay. He apologizes for leaving and realizes that Steve has his gun, and hides behind Jess.

The next day, Steve and Karen prepare to drop Danny into the pit. Danny yells to the other survivors that they can fight back, and Jess agrees. She's furious that Steve shot Todd, and yells at the survivors to grab Steve. No one does, and they grab Jess. When she turns to Chet, he ignores her but Steve says that he's going into the pit as well because he's weird. Chet offers to throw Jess in, but Steve isn't interested and has the others throw Chet into the pit.

That night, all of the survivors that Steve has tossed in realizes that they were trying to think of Billy Zane.

The next morning, Steve, Karen, and Pack meet near the pit and figure that nobody is watching them. Owen and Todd watch from the jungle, and Florence confirms that Danny and Jess are among those in the pit. Meanwhile, Steve tells Karen and Pack that they need to make the others accept that it's their reality. He points out that Karen is his vice president, and has her block her ears when he reminds Pack that he ate a guy. If Pack goes home then he'll be treated like a freak, and Pack realizes that he can't go back. Kurt spots a ship out to see and yells that they're saved.

The free survivors cheer and wave to the ship, and Kurt asks Steve what they should do. Everyone is shocked when Steve says that they're not leaving the island. Furious, Kurt says that they are because he's been pushed around too much and is sick of living in fear. He insists that they have to do what is right, and Steve shoots him dead.

Owen, Todd, and Florence stare in shock, and Florence warns that if they start a fire then Owen will see it and kill someone else.

Steve tells Pack to destroy the flare gun while he and Karen watch the others. After a moment, Pack runs to it and Owen, seeing him, says that he'll go after Pack while Todd and Florence help the others. However, Todd weakens because his gunshot wound is infected. He makes Florence promise to save Jess, and she agrees.

Danny calls up to Roger, asking him to let them go, but Roger insists that no one is leaving unless Steve says. He points out that his face is scarred from the crash and he can't go back. Florence knocks Roger out and goes to the wench.

Pack goes to the plane wreckage to get the flare, and Owen confronts him. The hallucinatory Jerry appears and warns Pack that if he goes back then he'll be known as the guy who ate a dude. Pack tells Owen that he can't go back.

Once everyone is out of the pit, Steve arrives and aims the gun at them. Chet tells everybody to run because Steve can't shoot all of them. He and Jess run off, and Karen goes after them.

Pack says that he ate a dude, and Owen takes that in. He figures that eating a corpse is whatever, but at least he didn't kill them. Owen suggests that they'll make a movie about Pack. Jerry warns Pack not to do it, but Pack tosses the flare gun to Owen and then says goodbye to Jerry. His tormentor goes up in a very long burst of flame

Jess and Chet take cover, but Karen calls to them and then emerges from the jungle.

Owen enters the camp and takes out the flare gun, and says that once he fires it they're safe. Steve takes Danny hostage.

Chet begs Karen for his life, offering to kill Jess. Jess asks why Karen is doing it, and Karen says that she's doing it for respect. Todd arrives and Jess realizes that he came back for her. He says that he's sorry that he was a dick, and takes off his shirt. Karen suggests that they make it interesting and takes off her shirt, and then charges at Todd. They punch each other and Todd finally hurts her in the breasts. Karen realizes that she has a lump, but it's just a trick and she knees him in the groin. Once Todd is down, Karen sticks her finger in his wound and gives Todd a nipple-noogie. Jess grabs one of Todd's discarded golf clubs and knocks Karen unconscious with a driver, and then she and Todd kiss.

Danny tells Owen that it's okay and he should fire the flare gun and get everyone else off the island. Owen remembers what Danny said earlier about shooting the hostage, and Owen nods a Danny... and then shoots him in the leg. Shocked, Steve lets go of Danny and Owen tackles Steve. Danny grabs the gun and puts Steve under arrest, and remembers that Steve had a callback. Owen tells his friend that he was wrong about everything, but Danny points out that he's there now.

Owen sets Steve's shelter on fire, and toss Steve and his supporters in the pit. The ship sends a Zodiac to pick up the survivors, and everyone cheers. The men in the boat say that they're actually pirates, and explain that they're there to kidnap Danny. They see Danny and says that he's the richest boy in the world, and explain that Danny's family is worth billions. If Danny doesn't go with them, the pirates will kill everyone else.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 3, 2016

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