Out of a Clear Blue Sky Recap

After a decade in the Vancouver business world, Bobby returns to his hometown of Yellowknife to find his late father's airline in trouble. The reunion with his dad's old partner, Mel Ivarson, is lukewarm but Bobby isn't home to reconnect with the Arctic Air family. He's here to ink a lucrative mining deal with an old friend, Jim McAllister. Unfortunately, Bobby's only the middleman and slimy Calgary businessman, Ronnie Dearman, stands to walk away with all the profits. Meanwhile, the stress of his struggling airline lands Mel in the emergency room. His daughter Krista begs him to take some down time, but Mel has an airline to run. He cuts the recovery short and books himself in the pilot's seat of the next flight. Bobby and Krista reignite an old and unspoken attraction, but when they hear that one of Mel's passengers is in labour and bad weather has forced an emergency landing, the two of them abandon a client to embark on an increasingly desperate search-and-rescue mission.

Written by Aidan on Aug 5, 2016