C-TVAK Recap

After spotting what could be his father's airplane wreckage, Bobby insists on checking it out, despite Cece's warnings. Sure enough, Bobby's rough touch down damages the landing gear, stranding them with no radio contact and little chance of being spotted. Bobby does confirm that the wreckage he saw from above belongs to his late father's airplane, missing for seventeen years. But before he has time to fully process this, Cece injures his leg. With the temperature dropping and Cece's wound becoming infected, Bobby realizes they can't wait for rescue. To save Cece, Bobby must fix the plane himself. Meanwhile, Krista and Blake sneak off for a long weekend at Mel's lodge, but it isn't exactly the romantic getaway Blake had in mind. And Mel drives hopeful applicants crazy as he attempts to choose a new pilot for Arctic Air.

Written by Aidan on Aug 5, 2016