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Seaman's Revenge Recap

In Mr. Awesome's orbital space station, the transfusion alarm goes off. Awesome warns Malocchio that he accidentally got some of Malocchio's evil in his blood, and he can only hold out for a few more minutes. He releases Malocchio and then strangles him briefly until he can control himself, and warns that in a few minutes he will wipe out humanity... so he asks Malocchio to go to Earth and warn everyone about him.

The Awesomes are taking the day off at a sea park, Oceanland. Perfect Man signs autographs, Prock enjoys his time with Hotwire, Gadget Girl complains about anything with gills, and Impresario wants cost-of-living increases. As a dolphin in the tanks watches Concierge and Gadget Gal, Frantic tries to get everybody to the Whaley the Whale show. The dolphin watches them, a laser device mounted on its head.

In the arena, Whaley begins his performance. The dolphin sneaks in the back while his comrades leap out of the tank on mechanical legs and fire into the crowd. A giant barnacle craft emerges from the ocean and grabs Whaley with metal tentacles. Gadget Gal enjoys getting to knock one of the dolphins unconscious.

The news is soon alive with reports of dolphin all over the world liberating their undersea brethren. At Awesomes HQ, Prock says that they need to contact Seaman, the King of All Water. He was an early member of the team but had a falling-out with Mr. Awesome. Now Seaman lives in his undersea fortress. Perfect Man joins them and says that he's sitting out the mission because he doesn't like how his hair looks when it's wet. Prock reluctantly has Hotwire stay behind so her electrical powers don't short-circuit underwater. Everyone cheers when they realize Prock is okay with Hotwire being alone with Perfect Man.

The Awesome Sub descends into the ocean depths and Prock gives his teammates injections of a chemical he's created that will let them breathe underwater for 72 hours. They put on their suits and swim to Seaman's fortress.

At Oceanland, Perfect Man and Hotwire rebuild the place and they're happy that it isn't weird for them that they're together. Perfect Man admits that Prock is a better leader than Mr. Awesome, asks Hotwire if she wants to make out, and then says that she passed the test when she refuses.

At the fortress, Seaman welcomes Prock. Prock is glad to hear that Seaman isn't mad. He gives them gifts and Prock asks if he knows anything about fish attacks. Seaman complains that his oceans have been abused by humanity, and says that he doesn't know who is behind the attacks. However, he invites them to stay and together they'll find the person responsible. Meanwhile, Seaman invites them all to a dinner in their honor, and insists that attendance is mandatory so they don't miss what he has planned. As the team enters the fortress, they're unaware that one of the dolphins from Oceanland is following them.

As the team enter Seaman's kingdom, they immediately start polluting. They go to a bar and Gadget Gal plays with pool sharks, and Muscleman flirts with a mermaid: top half fish, bottom half woman. Whaley is outside and Frantic goes to see him. Whaley refuses to answer to his masters' name and blows smoke in Frantic's face. Muscleman says that he'll be out with his new girlfriend and won't make the dinner.

Hotwire is making repairs. When Perfect Man wonders when she became so good with tools, she points out that she has an engineering degree. They finish powering up the arcade and Perfect Man runs inside.

At dinner, Seaman starts to welcome the Awesomes, but realizes that Muscleman is gone. Prock apologizes and Seaman says that they'll be staying forever. Fish soldiers swim forward and hit the team with jellyfish venom, and Seaman says that he's built a theme park, Land World, that shows off humans for the pleasure of fish.

Perfect Man and Hotwire play Skee ball, and Hotwire admits that she's surprised he stayed with the team after everything settled down. He's happy that he has friends and free laundry.

Prock wakes up and finds himself in a small glass container. The rest of the team are similarly confined and their powers don't work because of the poison. A stingray offers them hamburgers if they perform, and Frantic is happy to oblige.

Muscleman makes out with his girlfriend Nebby, and even the fish are disgusted. She suggests that they go to the new theme park and Muscleman agrees. They go to the arena and Seaman introduces the main attraction: the Awesomes, dressed up as the Village People. They see Muscleman and try to get his attention, but he doesn't realize what's going on and leaves with Nebby

As Hotwire and Perfect Man leave the park, Perfect Man uses his Perfect Vision and sees the team in Land World. He figures that they're at a dance party, and Hotwire admits that she misses her family. Perfect Man admits that he never knew his family, and they realize they never communicated when they were a couple.

Nebby takes Muscleman to see her friends, who find Land World pretentious. They have Muscleman and Nebby watch a documentary about Land World, and Muscleman finally realizes that it's about the Awesomes. Fortunately, Nebby's friends Jonah and Olivia are pro-human activists and are planning to break in and free the Awesomes.

The activists break into Land World and Muscleman frees the animals. Olivia provides breathing apparatus before they drown, and then frees his teammates. Their powers are back because Muscleman peed, and the urine negated the jellyfish poison. They swim off, but Seaman is waiting for them with an army of angry fish. The Awesomes fight but are outnumbered, and Prock stops time to work out how to defeat Seaman, and to wonder if he should have left Hotwire with Perfect Man. Realizing Seaman's weakness, Prock starts time up and tells Seaman a pun. Muscleman and Sumo knock Seaman out while he's distracted, and ex-champion swimmer Impresario gets to his battle staff, outswimming a fish. He then knocks out Seaman with it,

After locking up Seaman, Muscleman tells Nebby that their love could never work. She agrees and they kiss. As he goes, Nebby asks him to tell his people to take better care of the ocean. Back at base, Muscleman has the team clear the nearby ocean... and the dump truck dumps it back in the ocean. The intruder alarm goes off and the Awesomes race inside to find Mr. Awesome.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 15, 2015

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