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Electoral Dysfunction Recap

In LA, there's one hour until the mayoral voting begins. Dreyfuss is confident that he will be put into office even though the polls are against him.

In prison, Angie wakes up and prepares for the day. She meets with Diane and they plan their escape route after Eddie shoots Perry. Angie wonders what happens if LAPD shoots them, and Diane explains that Mayhem Global was only afraid of Angie and now she's with them. A deliveryman brings in a package for Angie and Diane asks Angie if she's ready. Angie assures her that nothing is going to change what she intends, and opens the package and says that it changes everything.

The guard takes Angie to see a visitor: Jay. Jay says that Perry is going to let Angie go because Eddie's prints were all over the murder weapon. Angie tells her partner that she's 100% committed to being a good guy and was going to bust out soon.

At the station, Pritkin calmly calls Angie and Jay into his office. He says that Perry is in danger, and Danny and Hoffman are going to transport Perry and his wife to a safe house. Angie says that she has Danny's inhaler and figures that she should take it to him, but Pritkin says that it's safest if only he knows. He puts Angie in charge of security at the hotel where Perry's gala will take place, and says that they're on high alert since Diane escaped from prison a year ago. Pritkin tells Jay to neutralize Angie by any means necessary. However, after Angie leaves, Pritkin tells Jay to keep an eye on her. Jay insists that his partner is clean, but Pritkin warns that he may have to take her down.

Angie goes to the hotel and Jay secretly follows her. In the ballroom, Angie confronts him and figures that Pritkin told him to follow her because he figures that she's dirty. She says that she is dirty and kisses Jay, and then eventually get a room.

Danny and Hoffman take Perry and his wife Katie to a safe house. When Danny admits that he doesn't understand Eddie and Diane's motive, Perry refuses to cower in fear and opens the door…z and someone shoots Katie's drink glass.

Back at the station, Danny tells Pritkin that they moved Perry to an Arby's. Jay and Angie arrive, and Angie suggests that they do what Eddie is expecting. Pritkin agrees and soon, Katie arrives with a Perry dummy. Meanwhile, Perry is inside a nearby soft-top jeep. It blows up as Pritkin and Jay watch, but Perry goes to get a shaved ice at exactly the right moment. Jay spots Diane at the nearby shaved ice cart, and chases after her. Diane leaps onto a garbage truck, it goes a half block down the street, and Jay gives up in exasperation as Diane laughs in triumph.

Back at the station, the team meets with Perry. Everyone suspects Angie, but she insists that she's not involved. Pritkin says that he'll stay at Perry's side while they bring Mayhem Global down. Monica calls Angie, Jay, and Danny down and explains that she found the real Pritkin tied up in a morgue drawer. Angie realizes that Eddie posing as Pritkin and is going to kill Perry.

The team goes to the gala to find Eddie, and the security guard informs them that "Pritkin" told him to keep all police officers out of the ballroom. Pritkin takes Danny to find a back way in, and tells Angie and jay to get in. They commandeer a couple's outfits and knocks them out, and then put on their clothes and go inside. As they spot Duran, Eddie takes Perry to the stage. Perry is announced the winner, and Diane draws a gun. Jay and Angie order everyone down, and Eddie triggers the balloon drop.

As the disguised Eddie leaves Perry away, Angie and the others intercept him backstage. Eddie removes his mask and tells them to drop their weapons or he'll drop Perry. Diane comes up behind them and they're forced to drop their weapons. She then shoots Eddie and removes her mask, revealing that she's Angie. "Angie" removes her mask to reveal that she's Diane. "Jay" removes his mask to reveal that he's Pritkin, who explains that Eddie tied up his twin brother Eric from Season 1, Episode 4. "Danny" removes his mask, revealing that he's Angie's mom.

Angie explains that the package she got in prison contained Angie Jr. That brought Angie to her senses, and she convinced Diane to come back to the right side of the law. "Diane" removes her mask to reveal that she's actually Jay, and everyone realizes that Jay and Pritkin were the ones who had sex. Angie realizes that Jay had her back all along, and they agree that catching criminals and raising a baby is the life to live before kissing.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 9, 2016

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