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Zero Sum Recap

In Miami, the team checks a cold-generating lizard and gives it an injection, and then seals the insulated box. The lizard passes out and Mitch points out that if ha reached South Beach then it would have flash-frozen the city. As Abe closes the lid, he wishes that he could have put Logan in there with the lizard.

Back on the plane, the team moves the container to the lab. Logan gets a call and tells Jamie that it's his sister, and asks if they would miss them if they went to a beach bar. Jamie says that they can't just take off, and Logan tells her to forget that he said anything.

In the lab, Mitch admits that he hasn't identified the bones of the last Triple-Helix animal. Jackson starts coughing, and then tells the others that he's okay. He goes off and Abe goes after him. He insists that they'll fix it, and Jackson wonders if it can be fixed. Jackson explains that he remembered what happened with Robert, and how his father injected him with it. He tells Abe that he's barely holding on, and Abe says that it's always been his job to keep Jackson in one piece. Trotter calls over the intercom and says that Allison has made an emergency call and wants to talk to Jackson alone.

Abe meets with Jamie, who says that they need to tell Jackson that Robert is still alive. The guide isn't so sure, warning that the knowledge could break Jackson. Jamie agrees and Abe tells her that they first need to confirm that Robert is alive.

In the lounge, Allison tells Jackson that his mother Elizabeth and the caravan she was with disappeared three days ago near Mozambique. Jackson says that she needs to send an IADG team to Africa, but Allison warns him that she doesn't have anyone. As Jackson argues with her, the power goes out.

In the lab, four armed mercenaries come in and find Mitch. They order him down on his knees and demand to know where Jackson is. Mitch doesn't say anything, and Jackson listens from the hallway as they say that they need Jackson alive. Jackson goes to the lounge and Abe finds him, and they move off as the mercenaries check the deck. The plane lifts off and Abe says that he told Trotter to get them airborne to cut off mercenaries. He gives Jackson a tranq gun and figures that the mercenaries are using rubber bullets to capture Jackson. When Jackson says that Elizabeth is missing in Africa, Abe tells him that it's time to take back their plane.

The two men move through the plane and hide behind the bar as two mercenaries come in. Jackson tosses a bottle out, drawing their fire, and he and Abe tranq one of them. The other mercenary radios in his position and opens fire, and Jackson tranqs him while Abe runs. Another mercenary gets the drop on Jackson, but Jackson gets close enough to attack him. The two men fight and Jackson smashes the man down, and then demands to know where Davies is. Davies comes up behind Jackson and knocks him out.

The mercenaries have captured Abe, and Davies puts Jackson with him and Mitch. He goes over Mitch's work and insists that there's no cure. They find photos of Janos in his transformed state, and Davies says that they need to stop the spread of the mutation by any means necessary before it happens again. He knows that Jackson has the mutation but not how or why, but says that he has a team of scientists ready to examine him. Jackson offers himself if Davies sends a team to look for Elizabeth. Davies says that Botswana has already fallen and warns that once his men cut through the cockpit door, what happens to Trotter and the others is up to Jackson.

Jamie goes to an intercom and tries to reach Trotter. Logan shows up and says that Davies' mercenaries are scrambling the signal. He warns that there's no fighting and they need to make a parachute jump and escape. Jamie refuses to abandon her friends, and Logan admits that he knew it. He leads Jamie to where he thinks the scrambler is, but takes her to where Davies and his men are waiting. Davies thanks Logan for his help, and Logan says that they have to look out for themselves.

The mercenaries take Jamie to the lab and Davies transfers the money to Logan's account. Mitch jumps Logan and uses the distraction to open the case holding the sloth. The mercenaries secure Mitch and take the prisoners to the upper lounge, and Mitch whispers to Abe what he did. He then aims a laser point on the sloth, riling it. It begins to generate infra-sonic waves, and Jamie calls the mercenaries over to distract them from what Mitch is doing.

The plane goes out of control as the sonic waves shake the plane. Logan slips away while another mercenary falls over the railing to the floor below. Jackson attacks a mercenary while Abe takes down Davies. Jamie starts to go after Logan, but Abe says that they have to deal with the sloth. Jackson shoots the sloth with a tranq gun, knocking it out.

The team secures Davies and his men, and then Abe tells Davies that they're going to have a conversation about Robert.

Logan opens the cargo ramp and prepares to jump. Jamie arrives with a tranq gun, and Logan tells her that he saw Jamie sacrifice Gwen in Caraquet. He says that it was all real and turns to jump, and Jamie tells him that he was right: whatever it takes. Logan kisses her and she shoots him with a tranq dart. She then wishes him luck opening his chute and shoves him off the ramp.

Trotter gets the power and comms back up, and Jackson calls Allison. He says that they have Davies, but if the IADG wants Davies alive then they have to send a rescue team to Botswana. Allison points out that he sounds like a terrorist, and Jackson warns that he'll reveal her secret plan to finance the team despite the government embracing the Noah Objective. She warns that things won't be the same, but Jackson tells her to find Elizabeth and hangs out.

Jamie finds Abe beating Davies, and Davies insists that Robert is dead despite what they've heard. Undeterred, Abe keeps beating him and then tells Jamie to get the venom they got in Portugal.

Mitch wonders if Jackson is going to kill Davies, and points out that he considered betraying the team but Jackson is actually doing it. Jamie comes in and asks what the plan is. When they don't have an answer, she goes back to be. Mitch notices that the lizard has escaped and warns Jackson, and they start looking for it. Jackson finds the lizard beneath the wreckage, and Mitch warns that if it dies then the cure dies with it.

Abe explains to Davies that he's giving him taipan venom, and the taipan is the deadliest snake in the world. He prepares a syringe and describes the symptoms. Davies isn't impressed and Abe gives him the injection. Despite the pain, Davies insists that killing 2.2 million people will save 7 billion. Jamie wants to give Davies the antivenom, but Abe refuses and asks what Robert has to do with it all. The general insists that Robert will make sure that his legacy is fulfilled, and it was Robert's idea to repopulate the planet using cloned animals with DNA. Jamie yells at Abe to give the dying Davies the antivenom, and Abe finally does so. However, it's too late: Davies is dead. Abe administers CPR but is unable to revive him, and Jamie goes to get a defibrillator.

Mitch prepares to operate on the lizard, warning Jackson that they have no choice despite the risk.

Jamie finds the defibrillator but it's damaged beyond repair. She sees the case with the electrical ants and gets an idea.

Allison calls Jackson and he steps aside to take the call.

Jamie returns with two beakers filled with the ants.

Allison tells Jackson that a rescue team is on the way, but warns that she had to falsify documents simulating a fake crisis. She demands to speak with Davies and confirm that he's still alive, and Jackson goes to find him. He finds Jamie and Abe just as they administer the shock, and Mitch comes in. Allison demands to talk to Mitch, and Mitch takes the phone. Mitch says that it's hard to explain what they're doing and gives the phone to Jackson. Davies wakes up and calls Abe a coward, and Abe says that the information he has is much more valuable. Jackson tells Allison that she heard Davies, and she needs to find Elizabeth. Mitch takes Jackson and Jamie with him to help operate on the lizard, leaving Abe to watch Davies.

Mitch operates on the lizard with Jamie's help while Jackson grabs the deicers. The lizard starts waking up and generates ice, but Mitch refuses to back away as ice forms. He finishes operating just in time despite his frostbitten fingers and stitches the incision close, and they get it back into the insulated box just in time.

Davies asks Abe how many people the animals have to kill before he and the others will accept that the Noah Objective is the only way to save humanity. He threatens to tell Jackson the truth if Abe doesn't stop questioning him: that Abe knew Robert long before he met Jackson. Jamie comes in and Abe tells her that Davies doesn't know anything.

The plane lands in Mozambique and Abe and Jackson lead Davies out. Abe says that he'll kill Davies again if he comes after Jackson, and Davies says that one day they'll come looking for him. Allison meets them and says that Davies is going to tell his superiors that he was taken hostage by a group of extremists when his convoy was overrun by lions. If Davies doesn't play along then Allison will hold a congressional committee. Davies says that he has the international support he needs to make the Noah Objective a reality, and leaves. Once they're alone, Allison complains that Jackson undermined the mission and her authority. Jackson doesn't care, and Allison tells him that the rescue team found Elizabeth's convoy and there was some kind of animal attack. He tells her to take him there.

Mitch and Jamie inspect the damage, and Mitch offers her a drink. He thanks for her help with the operation, and wonders if she was trying to save Logan. Jamie doesn't want to discuss it, telling Mitch that he had no idea what she had to do to survive or what is happening in the world. Mitch concedes the point but asks if it's wrong to want to look out for her. Jamie says that she doesn't need anyone to look out for her, and admits that she doesn't know what is going on between them before walking off.

Jackson, Abe, and Allison go to where a UN team is cleaning up the convoy. Abe points out that the bodies were killed the same way as the ones Janos killed in Patagonia, and they're informed that there was one survivor. The trio goes over and discovers that the survivor is a local woman, Dede. The nurse warns that there is no one else, and Dede says that Elizabeth ran into the woods. When Jackson asks who did it, Dede says that Elizabeth killed all of them.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 10, 2016

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