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The Tick vs Justice Recap

At the City courthouse, reporters are covering the first successful indictment of the supervillain Destroyo. Janet brings Destroyo in and the villain claims that the thermonuclear bomb and the ransom note in his armored limousine were research for his new novella. He tells the reporters that he’s a legitimate businessman who has been stigmatized because he wears metal armor. Batmanuel , Arthur, and tick come in and the press isn’t interested in Batmanuel. Tick insists that it’s a cut-and-dry case and there’s no point in a trial. Arthur quickly amends his statement to say that they have faith in the system.

In court, Judge James Kenudson comes in and calls for witnesses. Batmanuel testifies that he, Tick, and Arthur drove to the mall in his car.

As the heroes talk about why Batmanuel parked in two slots, they rammed into a nearby car. Its trunk springs open and Destroyo gets out. Tick goes to investigate as Batmanuel says that he needs to settle. Destroyo isn’t impressed and tells Batmanuel to kneel before his doom. As the hero obliges, Tick tells him to pick on someone his own size and announces himself as Batmanuel crawls away. As they fight, Batmanuel sees the nuclear bomb.

Batmanuel uses a diagram to explain the important thing: he had the right of way and doesn’t want his deductible to go up. The court adjourns until the next day. At home, Tick gets a headache and Arthur gives him some aspirin. He figures the strain is getting to his partner.

In Jail, Destroyo convinces a guard to shoot himself. Before the man can pull the trigger, Janet stops him and leads him away.

Tick wonders why the case is happening when they did everything that they’re supposed to. Arthur insists that they have to support the system because it’s what they’re fighting for.

Destroyo figures that his case has gone well, and boasts that he’s eliminated all of the witnesses except Arthur and Batmanuel. Janet points out that he just confessed to killing the State’s witnesses, and he says that he was talking to himself. Since he’s representing himself, anything he says is privileged communication. If Janet reports it then he’ll have to ask for a mistrial. Janet has no choice but to ignore the confession.

The next day in court, Destroyo questions Tick and asks if he had a warrant to search his car. Tick insists that no warrant was necessary, and Destroyo asks Kenudson to rule the trunk’s contents inadmissible. Kenudson does so and tick objects. Kenudson explains the situation, but Tick keeps objecting and finally sentenceshim for contempt. As the guards escort Tick away, Arthur points out that Destroyo’s men will come after him. Tick insists that Batmanuel swear that he’ll protect Arthur, and the on-camera Batmanuel has no choice but to agree. As Janet leads Destroyo past, he laughs maniacally.

Arthur and Batmanuel return to Arthur’s apartment, nervously locking the door behind them. As Batmanuel searches the apartment, Arthur figures that they have to find Destroyo’s weak spot. He searches the records on the villain’s past and discovers that his old ballet instructor, Stanistoff, is in the City. Arthur calls and gets Stanistoff’s message machine.

In his cell, Destroyo continues to undermine Janet’s self-confidence. He asks if she’s happy, and Janet breaks into tears as she admits her life is crap.

Tick chats with his cellmate and claims that he’s a political prisoner. His cellmate says that he did the same and they shake hands.

Arthur suggests that theysleep in shifts, and Batmanuel agrees to take the first shift.

Janet pours out her heart to Destroyo, boring the supervillain.

Batmanuel dozes off in front of the TV, and Arthur wakes up to find a ninja assassin on his bed. They fight and wake up Batmanuel, but he misses his kick and goes out the window.

Janet keeps talking about her relationships, and Destroyo tries to ignore her. He finally tells her to stop prattling.

Tick and his insane cellmate wonder about the system.

Janet wakes up Destroyo and asks if he thinks that she’s needy. He tells her that she’s wanty and says that it’s worse than needy.

After Batmanuel throws up, the phone rings. It’s Arthur’s mother, and Arthur tells her that things are good. Stanistoff arrives at the door and the heroes drag him in and start kicking him until they realize who he is.

Tick and his new friend yell for release, and Tick accidentally pulls the door off. The cell mate runs off.

Stanistoff says that Destroyo gained too much weight to be a ballet dancer, and how the audience used to taunt him. He shows them a shoebox filled with mementoes.

The next day, Arthur testifies about what he saw. Destroyo has it ruled inadmissible and cross-examines, and asks Arthur if he feels his life would be a full one. Arthur insists on answering, and relates Stanistoff’s story about how a little boy named Leonid Kasparov Destroyovitch liked between-meal snacks. He taunts him, calling Destroyo “fat boy”, and holds up a pair of ballet slippers. Destroyo snaps and grabs Arthur, and Tick leaps into battle.

Later at the Panda, Arthur reads a newspaper article about Destroyo’s conviction. Janet says that Destroyo is good with dating problems, and Tick figures that they beat the law.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 13, 2016

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