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Arthur, Interrupted Recap

Arthur and Tick are at Janet’s apartment and Arthur complains that his mother has been calling him and asking him how things have been going. He admits that he hasn’t told her that he’s a superhero. Janet tells him that as soon as the mother sees him on TV, she’ll know and be devastated. She doesn’t want to talk about telling her parents, but warns Arthur that villains can sniff a closeted superhero out and he should accept who he is. Janet gives him a phone and Arthur makes the call.

Later back at their apartment, Tick is trying to plunge the toilet. While Arthur prepares to meet with his mother Bea and sister Dot, he tells Tick that it’s an important thing and asks him to focus on his problem.

Dot and Beat arrive at the Panda and figure that Arthur is going to tell them that he’s engaged. However, Dot doesn’t believe it. The elderly Cape comes in and they figure that it’s a gay bar. Meanwhile, outside Arthur asks Tick to wait outside so he can get his family used to the idea that he’s a superhero. He reviews their signal to change the subject and goes in wearing his costume, and his family are shocked. Arthur explains that he had to take a stand, while Tick watches from outside. Batmanuel arrives and startles him, and Tick breaks the window with his head.

Tick finally goes in and Arthur has no choice but to introduce him. They figure that he’s Arthur’s gay partner, and Arthur tries to silence Tick without success. Dot tells Tick to stay out of it, and Tick starts rambling. He finally works out that Arthur wants him to change the subject, but it doesn’t go well. Tick says that he’s already married to Justice, and Dot says that they’re not going to sit there. She tells Arthur that he can stop running away from his problems, and Tick releases his wings. Unimpressed, Dot leaves and takes Bea with her. As Janet and Batmanuel come in, Tick admits that it could have gone better. Batmanuel wants to date Dot, and Arthur points out that she’s married and has two kids.

Back at home, Tick continues his battle with the toilet, pouring drain-o into it. Arthur tells him to stop messing with the toilet, just as the phone rings. It’s Dot, who asks her brother to meet with her at her hotel. Arthur tells Tick that he has to go alone and it’s important. At the hotel, Arthur finds Francis Peacock waiting with Bea and Dot. Francis explains that he’s been called in for an intervention and has experience dealing with Arthur’s addiction to superheroing. When Arthur tries to leave, Francis grabs him and explains that Arthur’s family has signed the papers to put him in his custody. He shoots Arthur with a tranq dart and Arthur collapses. Aides Rex and Mohammed then take Arthur to the van.

Tick wonders where Arthur is, and argues with the toilet. Later at the Panda, he tells Janet and Batmanuel what happened. Rather than risking Tick snapping, Batmanuel tells Tick to find a new partner but Tick isn’t convinced.

At the deprogramming center, Francis has group therapy and introduces Arthur. He explains that Arthur suffers from delusions of grandeur when he’s insignificant. Francis asks why Arthur chose his own name as his secret identity, and Arthur says that he hasn’t figured out a good one yet. Later, Arthur sneaks into Francis’ office and calls his apartment. Tick is still engaged in a battle of wills with the toilet, and the phone is off the hook. Arthur then calls Janet, who is watching Batmanuel make fondue. He blames Janet for pushing him to tell Bea about his lifestyle, Batmanuel takes the phone and asks if Arthur likes fondue, just as Francis returns to his office. Arthur hides and watches as Francis puts on a costume from the patients’ personal effects. When he realizes that Arthur is there, Francis has his aides take Arthur to a padded cell. Francis tells Arthur that he’s hallucinating and leaves.

Tick goes to Janet’s apartment looking for Arthur, and Janet and Batmanuel try to explain what happened. Janet warns that the law can’t do anything because it’s out of their jurisdiction, and Tick says that’s where they’re jurisdiction begins.

Bea and Dot arrive at the asylum with Tick, Janet, and Batmanuel. They split up to search the place, and the receptionist sounds the alarm. Janet fights her way to the ward room and dares Rex to attack her. She quickly knocks him down and the patients shove him at her so she can take him down again.

Arthur is staring off into space when he hears Tick calling for him. Tick breaks in and frees his friend, and tells him that Bea and Dot have changed their minds. He tells Arthur that they just have to accept them for what they are, and Arthur says that he has to do one moiré thing.

Francis is in his office running around in Arthur’s suit. Arthur and Tick come in and confront him.

Later at Janet’s apartment, Janet confirms that the authorities have shut down the deprogramming center. Batmanuel serves fondue, and Bea admits that she made a mistake. Tick slams Arthur and his family today and advises them to put it all behind them. Bea promises that she’ll never have Arthur committed again, and Tick tells Dot to tell her son that his uncle is part of a crimefighting duo. Arthur figures that it’s better if he calls him.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 14, 2016

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