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The V Word Recap

A teenage boy, Kerry, is at his friend's home playing a first-person shooter while his friend Justin is on the phone to his father. Justin finally hangs up in disgust and snarls, and Kerry complains that he interrupted his concentration. He tells Justin to ignore his old man and thought they were going to do something special that night. When Kerry tells Justin not to bitch up,Justin asks if he’s ever seen a dead guy. Kerry admits that he hasn’t, and agrees to go see one.

Soon, Justin takes Kerry to the Collinswood Funeral Home. Justin explains that his cousin James works the night there alone, and says that their schoolmate Billy is in there after he was killed in a car accident. Kerry doesn’t want to go in, and Justin says that they should do it so they can tell people that they saw a corpse. The two boys approach the front door and knock, and something moves inside. Justin rings the bell and it falls off the holder, and Kerry tries the door and discovers that it’s unlocked. They go in look around. The door slams shut behind them, and Kerry warns Justin that if he set it all up then he’ll punch him.

Kerry tries the light switches and discover that they don’t work. Justin finds a desk light and turns it on, and sees James’ stuff. He figures that his cousin is there somewhere, and Kerry says that they should look at Billy’s corpse before James kicks them out. They keep searching and find a room filled with coffins, and Justin starts to open one. Kerry stops him and says that they should focus on Billy, and Justin reluctantly agrees.

As they keep looking, Justin tells Kerry that his father wants him and his sister Lisa to meet his fiancée, the secretary that he left Justin’s mother for. The boys go upstairs and hear something moving, and keep going. When they hear more movement, the boys agree to come back some other time and head downstairs. They go past the closed coffin they saw earlier, and realize that it’s now open. Kerry figures that Justin and James are pulling something, but soon realizes that Justin is just as scared as he is. They head for the door but discover that it’s locked. The boys try head for the back door and discover that the coffin is now closed. Funeral music plays in the distance and they can’t find the back exit.

The boys head upstairs and sees a light in a room. They hesitantly approach it and realize the music is coming from the same room. Inside, Justin and Kerry see a blood-covered iPod playing the music on a pair of speakers. A woman’s corpse is propped in a chair at a dressing table, halfway made up, and the boys go back out in the hallway. They spot an exit sign in the darkness and head for it, and feel for the light switch. Justin touches blood on the wall, and Kerry finds a corpse on the table as Justin finds the light switch. The room is filled with covered corpses on gurneys, and the boys make their way between them.

Kerry slips in a puddle of blood, and warns Justin that something happened to James. Justin sees Billy’s body on a table in the next room, and Kerry says that they’ve seen it and should go. They back out and find another covered corpse, the sheet soaked in blood. Justin pulls the sheet away and realizes that it’s James, his throat torn out. A “corpse” sits up and pulls the sheet off, revealing a de3ssicated man—Chaney-- with his mouth covered in blood. He gets up and advances on them, and the boys run.

As they reach the stairs, Kerry trips and falls down. He breaks his leg and Justin picks him up and carries him on as Chaney comes after them. They go past the coffin from before and see that it’s open... and the inside is covered in blood. The boys reach the door but it’s still locked, and Chaney advances on them. Kerry tries to crawl away, but Chaney grabs him and knocks him unconscious, and then rips his throat out and drinks the blood. Justin kicks him in the head but Chaney grabs his leg and shoves him into a support post. Recovering, the teenager grabs an urn, smashes a window, and climbs out.

Back at home, Justin locks the door and turns on all the lights. He calls 911 but then figures that they won’t believe him. Justin then calls his father and begs him for his help, but his father hangs up on him. There are two messages on the machine. One is from Sally, Kerry’s mother, and she wants him to call so she can pick him up. The other is Justin’s mother, who says that she’s out with her friend and she’ll be back the next night, and her cell phone is dead.

Justin goes to his room and dozes off on the bed. He wakes up when someone knocks at the front door, and investigates. When Justin peers out through the glass, Kerry peers in and begs Justin to let him in, claiming that he got out through a window and his leg wasn’t as bad as he thought it was. Justin leaves the chain on and opens the door, and realizes that Kerry’s throat is covered in a bloody towel. He opens the door and helps Kerry in, and apologizes for leaving him behind. As Kerry gasps for breath, Justin checks his neck wound and realizes that it’s bad. He starts to call 911, but then turns and sees that Kerry is gone.

Checking the basement, Justin finds Kerry in the laundry room guzzling down water. That pours out of his throat wound. Kerry vomits up the water and collapses, moaning in pain. After a moment, he stops breathing. Crying, Justin says that he didn’t intend for it to happen and then goes to get his phone. As he starts to call, Kerry comes up behind him and taps the phone. Justin turns and wonders how his friend is moving. Kerry says that he’s hungry and then bites Justin on the neck.

Later, Lisa and Justin’s mother Carolyn return home with pizza and call to Justin. She finds Justin in bed covered with a blanket. He pulls the blanket down as she walks out, and winces against the bright lights shining in. Justin sits up and realizes that his throat has been ripped open and his shirt is covered in blood. After changing his clothes, Justin staggers out to the dining room. Carolyn tells him to clean up his mess and tosses a mop and cleaning fluid at him. After Justin mops up the blood on the carpet, he staggers over to the table. The family dog Philo growls at him, and Lisa asks if he missed her. She gives him the finger when he doesn’t say anything, and Justin stares at her, drooling. Philo keeps barking, and Carolyn asks Justin if his dad called while they were gone. Justin says that he isn’t hungry and walks over, and his mother confirms that he’s cold as ice. She tells him to go back to bed and Justin staggers back to his room.

Justin tries to sleep but moans in hunger. He finally goes back upstairs when he hears Carolyn arguing with her ex-husband. She’s furious when she learns what he said to Justin, while Justin stares at her and sees red. He then looks in at a sleeping Lisa and starts advancing on her. He stares at her, hearing her blood pump through her body, but then gets hold of himself and leaves.

Putting on a coat, Justin goes to his father’s house and finds him sleeping in bed. However, he can’t bring himself to feed on his abusive father. Justin backs out and finds Kerry behind him. Kerry tells Justin to do him, and Justin moans in pain. His friend says they’ll talk later but now Justin needs to go back in and kill his father. He tells Justin that the hunger he’s feeling will never go away, and then goes in, breaking a nearby mirror. Kerry grabs a shard of glass and cuts David’s throat as he wakes up. He then grabs Justin and tells him to feed, warning that if David dies then it will be too late. Kerry says that “he” wants Justin to live, and tells Justin to drink for him. Justin moves toward his dying father but then turns away and runs out.

Justin runs through the night until Chaney grabs him. Kerry is with him, and Chaney says that Justin is dying. He wonders why Justin isn’t fed, and tells Justin to accept what he’s becoming. Justin realizes that Chaney is the math teacher at their high school, and he got fired for sexually harassing his students. Kerry explains that David is dead but says that there are other houses, and Chaney says that they’ll find Justin someone else to eat.

Chaney has Kerry carry Justin with them as Justin passes out. When Justin wakes up at the funeral home, Chaney says that he made Kerry tell told him all about David. He figures that Justin is his father’s son, and will be mean and angry just like David. Chaney then yanks away sheet, revealing Lisa tied to a gurney. He orders Kerry to hold Lisa down and then jabs a syringe into her ankle and extracts some blood. The former teacher then injects it into Justin’s neck wound, and Justin sighs in relief as his hunger is sated... temporarily. Chaney tells him that soon Justin will wonder why he ever resisted.

Justin looks over at his sister, and Chaney tells him to feed. He unties Justin and assures the teenager that he won’t miss Lisa. Justin remembers Lisa giving him the finger earlier, grabs the syringe, and plunges it into Chaney’s eyes. As Chaney staggers back, Kerry unties Lisa and assures Justin that Carolyn is at home, asleep. Justin tells Lisa to run, and when she does he and Kerry attack Chaney. Kerry pins Chaney to the floor with a metal pole but warns Justin that they can’t kill the elder vampire because he’s already dead. Justin grabs a saw and has Kerry hold Chaney down while he cuts off the man’s head.

Once Chaney is dead, Justin says that his friend wouldn’t have brought Lisa there. However, he drops the saw and warns Kerry to never go near his family again. Kerry says that he was scared of Chaney, and won’t go near Justin’s family on his own. However, he warns that they’ll both have to feed sometime and Justin can’t keep holding back. Kerry reminds Justin that he went to the funeral home because he stuck by Justin’s side, and Justin admits that it’s his fault. However, he refuses to kill to feed, and asks Kerry to help him. he makes Kerry promise to get as far away as he can, while he’s going to win the game.

Lisa runs home where Carolyn is calling the police.

At the funeral home, Justin has Kerry tie him to a table and waits beneath a window. As he prays to God to make it quick, the dawn sun pours in and Justin screams as he burns into flames.

On a bus heading out of town, a passenger sits next to Kerry. When the man says that he’s getting hungry, Kerry says that he is, too.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 14, 2016

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