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Episode 1 Recap

Arrow and Flash chase a woman, Mari, across the rooftops of Detroit. Despite their speed and skill, Mari manages to stay ahead of them and actually catch one of Arrow's arrows. She disappears briefly, using camouflage powers, but Arrow drives her out of hiding. Dodging a net-arrow, Mari falls off of a roof edge and plummets toward the street below...

Three Days Ago

Mari is lying in a jail cell, and the guard tells her that her bail has been posted. She wonders who but gets no response. The clerk gives her back her personal belongings, including a necklace with an animal head, and Mari quickly puts it on. The guard, Hauser, offers her $50 for it, explaining that he forgot his wife's birthday, but Mari refuses to part with the family heirloom.

Outside, Mari's foster father--Chuck--greets her. She tolerates his hug and figures that he posted her bail. Chuck insists that he's her father, foster parent or not, and is surprised to learn that she's in Detroit. Mari tells him that she was busy being thrown in jail and they go to get something to eat at a diner. Mari says that she was in town for a job interview in fashion design, but the man said that her work lacks identity... so she stabbed him in the hand with a pen when he suggested that she sleep with him. Chuck says that Patty would have been proud of her for standing up for herself, and they both admit that they wish she was still alive.

Back out on the street, Mari and Chuck Mari admits that she didn't find her parents after she left Michigan. Three muggers step out and tell Mari to hand over her necklace. Chuck offers them what money he has, but one mugger punches him in the gut and the other demands the necklace as the third one grabs Mari.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 16, 2016

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