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Sins of the Father Recap

Jackson and the others arrive at a village where Elizabeth killed the residents. Allison has talked to some of the villagers before they died and discovered that Elizabeth was self-medicating. Her neighbors finally took her to a safe zone for treatment. Allison reminds Jackson that they're one animal away from a cure and need to stay focused, but Jackson insists on looking for her. Abe says that he'll go with him, reminding him that they take care of those that they care about, and Jackson gives in.

On the plane, Jamie is watching a newscast about the animals coordinating an attack on a nuclear power plant in Taiwan. Mitch calls her to the lab and says that he's having the trouble concentrating on identifying the final animal from its skeletons. He suggests that the two of them start over, and Jamie agrees. Mitch notes that he can't identify the last animal, and once he does they'll have to track it down. The animal is about the size of a lion, but it walked feet flat on the ground. There are bones that match those of other animals, and some parts that Mitch can't identify. Allison arrives and says that they have a problem with Elizabeth.

Jackson and Abe search the savannah for Elizabeth, and Jackson hears a growling in the distance. Abe doesn't hear it, but Jackson says that he hears things more distinctly because of the mutation. He figures that it's a distress call from a lion, and it must be the new apex predator: Elizabeth.

In Ipswich, England, Dariela and Pete lead the villagers to the safe zone. Pete warns that they're out of ammunition and defenseless, and Dariela reminds him of her promise to get the villages to safety.

Jackson and Abe find blood and figure that Elizabeth is close. They find a dead lion, clawed apart, and more lions roar nearby. the two men continue on and lions run past them. A mutated Elizabeth emerges and Jackson tries to reach her, but she leaps at Abe. Jackson shoots her with tranqs but she doesn't go down. Elizabeth drives her claws into Abe's chest, and Jackson fires in the air to get her attention and says that it's her. He promises that he'll take care of her. She raises a hand to claw Abe's throat out, and Jackson shoots her in the chest.

Abe and Jackson wrap Elizabeth's body up in a sheet as chants. He then offers his condolences, and Jackson assures his friend that he did what he has to do. Abe says that it's an act of mercy, and promises that they will find an answer. The guide says that before he met Elizabeth, he had no purpose. When he met Elizabeth to get medicine, she found excuses to have him stay because she knew Abe needed a second have a mother and a brother.

As they continue to the safe zone, Pete asks Dariela why she left her friends. Dariela explains that one of them wanted her to kill them, and she didn't want to be responsible for anymore. A group of horses charge down the road and Dariela gets the villagers inside. The horses surround her and Pete yells to get their attention. Dariela falls and a horse tries to stomp her, and just misses. She gets up and runs inside with the others just in time, Pete points out that the horses ignored him and targeted her, and wonders why.

On the plane, Mitch says that the bones are all from the same skeleton. Abe and Jackson arrive carrying Elizabeth's body, and they put her in a cage. Jackson figures that Robert gave her the ghost gene as well, and check for the distinctive scar. Mitch uses a black light to reveal old scars, and they find the scar on her body. Furious, Jackson slams a tray and vows to kill Robert for what he did to them. He yells that he doesn't care about any of it and walks off, and Abe goes after him.

Allison warns that she doesn't know how much longer they'll be able to manage Jackson. Mitch notices that Jackson messed up the bones, reassembles them, and says that he knows what it is... but it's insane. He tells Allison and Jamie that it's a saber-toothed cat... and it's been extinct for 14,000 years. Jamie and Allison say that if there's any chance then they have to pursue it. Allison says that there's one last shot, and insists on taking it despite Mitch's objections. She tells Trotter to set course for Helsinki. Jamie asks why they're going there, and Mitch says that one of the greatest cryptozoologists in the world is there. He warns that the doctor is a raging alcoholic and a cradle robber: his father Max.

Dariela and Pete watch the horses outside, and Dariela says that they're hunting her. She wonders if she has the opposite gene of what Jackson has, and they have to get to the safe zone eight blocks away. Dariela tells Pete that she'll draw off the horses while he gets the others away.

Jackson examines a photo of his mother when they moved to Africa and confirms that she didn't have the scar then.

Abe is hitting a pile of tires to vent his fury when Jamie enters the cargo hold. She says that he has to tell Jackson that Robert is alive, and Abe says that the truth is worse than Jamie knows. Jamie wonders what she means, and Abe says that he's not the man she thinks she knows. He says that he injected her with the needle that Robert gave her. He claimed it was an inoculation, and Abe did it because he needed the money. Elizabeth made Abe say for dinner, and her kindness changed something in Abe. He promised to protect her and Jackson as long as he was able, but now he knows that she mutated because of him.

The plane lands in Helsinki, and Allison and Mitch go to Max's home. He invites them in and Max says that Mitch's wife left him. Mitch reminds him that it was because Max was banging her best friend, and Max says that he was vigorous in those days. Allison asks Max to come by her plane, and Max is amused that they need him.

Dariela drives a motorcycle out the window and the horses gallop after her. Pete gets the villagers to the safe zone and sets off a flare. Dariela sees it and circles around, and heads for the gate. The motorcycle gives out and Dariela is forced to run, getting through the gate just as the soldiers close it.

In the main building, the villagers are watching a newscast that the Noah Objective will launch in four days.

On the plane, Jamie is watching the same newscast.

Mitch, Allison, and Max arrive on the plane and Max immediately heads for the bar. Jamie comes in and Max briefly flirts with her. She shows them the newscast and Mitch says that they have to go to work. He warns that soil contamination prevents definite carbon dating, and Mitch says that he can date the bones measuring the aspartic acid. He warns that the bones have to be absolutely clean, so they have to boil them for 72 hours. Mitch puts them in a tank with the jellyfish and explains that they're carnivorous,

At the safe zone, a medic treats Dariela's wounds. She demands a phone, warning that he won't like what happens in four days.

Jackson tells Abe what he's discovered and asks Abe if Robert ever visited Africa while Jackson was gone. Abe says that he wasn't, and Jackson figures that someone gave Elizabeth injection. Dariela calls and explains how the horses singled her out. Jackson suggests that there was something about the villagers, and Abe wonders if the mutation is changing.

Mitch removes the bones and Max goes to work. He says that it's nice that the two of them are working together, and suggests that they could turn over a new leaf. Mitch makes it clear that he isn't interested, just as Abe gives in. Max goes to the bar, and Abe suggests that there may be billions of people with the ghost genes.

At the safe zone, Dariela and the survivors watch the newscasts. The medic tells Dariela that he found something unexpected in her blood results. Dariela reads the report and the medic assures her that it's real. She figures that the horses were targeting her, and says that she has to get to Helsinki.

The dating process finishes, and Max reports that the cat was a live a hundred years ago. The bones show traces of a synthetic bio-active compound, and Mitch figures that someone "made" the cat. He demands answers from Max, and Max finally says that three years ago he was in Chile looking for an aquatic dinosaur that had been extinct for 66 million years. The locals talked about a secret research facility off the coast that had developed a compound that would let them recreate extinct animals. Allison says that they need a saber-toothed cat, and Max says that they have to go to Pangaea to find it.

In the jungles of the island, a saber-toothed cat prowls through the underbrush.

The team confirms that there is traffic in the area. Mitch says that they're close and that they'll search the area, and meanwhile he'll check Jackson's blood and make sure he doesn't reject the cure. Abe tells Jackson that they need to speak privately. Meanwhile, Max tells Allison that it doesn't have to be goodbye for the two of them, and asks her to stay in Helsinki with him. Mitch hears them and objects, and reminds Max that 12 years ago Max hit on Mitch's girlfriend. Max says that he was ready to marry Allison, and Mitch orders his father off the plane.

Abe tells Jackson that he injected Elizabeth with the ghost gene and Robert gave it to him.

Once they're alone, Allison apologizes for leaving Mitch 12 years ago. Mitch says that it messed him up even if he didn't show it.

Jamie approaches Max and says that she's glad he met her. She explains that she understands why Mitch is so irritating, having Max as a father. Max figures that she loves Mitch, and Jamie denies it. He says that he loves Mitch and asks Jamie to tell Mitch for him. Jamie agrees and walks off.

Abe explains that Robert paid him $200 to inject Elizabeth, and that Robert is still alive and working with Davies. Jackson snaps and attacks Abe.

Jamie takes a martini to Mitch in his quarters and knocks on the door. When there's no response, Jamie opens the door and sees Mitch and Allison having sex. They don’t notice her, and Jamie quickly closes the door.

Abe manages to shove Jackson off, and Jackson hits him with a tool. As he prepares to bet Abe with a case, Dariela arrives and shoots him.

Jamie, Mitch, and Allison hear the shot and go to the vehicle bay. Dariela apologizes for shooting Jackson, and Mitch confirms that Jackson is gone.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 17, 2016

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