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Episode 4 Recap

Vixen runs through the streets of Detroit with Arrow and Flash in pursuit. Flash catches up to her and tells her to stop, but she says that she's not going to let them put her away and touches the Totem. Drawing on the strength of an elephant, Mari knocks Flash back and then continues running.

When Mari heads up a building, Arrow and Flash go up after her. Arrow fires an arrow at her and she dodges it, and she grabs the next shaft in mid-flight, snapping it. She then dodges Flash's attempts to grab her, disappearing. Arrow realizes that she has taken on camouflage abilities and fires an explosive arrow, exposing her.

Mari tries to avoid a net-arrow and goes off the roof. She falls, screaming, but takes on the flight of an eagle before Flash can grab her. Arrow calls out that they just want to talk, and Mari lands near the heroes. Flash explains that metahumans got powers from the fallout at the S.T.A.R. accelerator explosion, assuming that Mari is one. She says that she wasn't in Central City during the explosion, and Arrow calls Felicity to have her confirm Mari's claim. Mari says that what she does is magic and it's no business of them, and Arrow says that Flash has friends who can help people like her. She tells them to never show up at Chuck's house again and flies off.

Later at the university, Mari visits Professor Macalester and tells him that there are two men after her. She wants Macalester to help her find out where the Totem comes from. When Macalester wonders how he can help her, she demonstrates her chameleon powers. The professor apologizes, saying he tried to do it another way, and Kuasa bursts in with two of her thugs. She tells Mari to hand over the Totem or she'll have her men kill her.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 19, 2016

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