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Episode 6 Recap

Mari hears her parents talking to as she lies dying on the savannah. As a lion approaches her, Mari hears her father say that her mother left the land to put as much distance between Kuasa and the Totem as possible. Other animals arrive and the spirits of Mari’s birth parents and Patty appear. They all tell her to embrace her true calling and they will stand with her as long as she stands with them. Mari stands and vows that she will stand with them.

At Zambesi, the remaining villagers bow to Kuasa as she prepares to don the Totem. Mari steps out of the shadows and calls to her sister, who is surprised that Mari is still alive. She says that she has only reclaimed what was hers by right, and Mari relates what the spirits said. As Kuasa takes on an animal form to kill Mari, Mari and the animals charge forward and the villagers run in terror.

Kuasa tells Mari that her actions change nothing and she is still the she-spirit. Mari refuses to give in, embracing the spirits of her ancestors, and Kuasa charges her. She knocks Mari down, but Mari grabs a piece of wood and throws it like a spear, wounding her older sister. Kuasa takes on the power of a panther and leaps forward, biting Mari in the shoulder. Mari grabs the spider and slaps it on Kuasa’s shoulder, and it bites the woman. As Kuasa collapses, the Totem abandoning her, Mari says that the Totem belongs to them both. She punches Kuasa unconscious and takes the Totem.

Later in Detroit, two muggers are holding up a couple. A costumed Mari knocks out the muggers and disappears into the night. She then returns home and tells Chuck that she’s learned what her purpose in life is. Mari assures him that she’s not giving up her art, but now she has an identity and so will her art. She’ll use the Totem to protect her new village: Detroit. Mari tells Chuck that she loves him and they hug, and the Totem glows.

Donning her costume, Mari goes outside and finds Arrow and Flash waiting. Arrow warns her that she’s being foolish taking on Detroit’s criminal element. He tells her that she needs training, and Mari asks them to give her time to learn on her own. The heroes agree but say that she can call them if she needs help. Before they go, Flash says that Cisco has been calling her “Vixen”. Once Flash leaves, Arrow warns that the life she’s chosen isn’t easy. Mari says that she can handle it now that she knows who she is... Vixen.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 20, 2016

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