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The Yellow Brick Road Recap

In Helsinki, Mitch and Abe drive down the road, swerving to avoid oncoming cars. Abraham is sure that Jackson couldn't have gotten far, and Mitch gets coordinates from Jamie. She says that the tracking chip Jackson put in himself shows that he's a few miles ahead. Abe follows the directions and Mitch assures Abe that it's not his fault. However, Abe tells him that Robert is still alive and working with Davies, and that's what he told Jackson.

Abe drives the truck up to a building and a herd of moose charge the truck as they pull to a halt. Once the moose have passed on, Mitch points out that they were running from something. Jamie tells them that Jackson has stopped, and the two men drive to the truck Jackson took. They realize that Jackson clawed out the tracker and left it on the seat of the truck.

Mitch and Abe return to the plane and tell the others what they found. The hospitals haven't reported any gunshot victims, and Mitch figures that Jackson isn't feeling any pain because of the adrenaline flow from the mutation. Jamie points out that the Noah Objective is days away and they need to get the saber-toothed cat to find the cure. Mitch says that he needs Jackson to create the cure, and Abe says that Jackson would want to find Robert and he's with Davies. Allison confirms that Davies is in DC prepping for the TX gas launch, and Jackson won't be able to get there with commercial air flights suspended. They figure that Jackson is heading for a military base to find a plane, and Allison says that she'll get surveillance from the base. However, she tells Mitch that she needs him there to help her prevent mass genocide. Dariela suggests that she might be wrong about why the horses avoided her, but doesn't suggest why. Allison wants Mitch to come with her to Russia to present the Minister of Defense that they're close to a cure. Mitch ignores her and walks off with Abe.

Abe talks to Dariela privately and thanks her for sparing Jackson's life by taking a shoulder shot, and for saving him. He then asks Dariela to stay there because he doesn't know what Jackson is capable of. Dariela immediately agrees, and Abe wonders why she didn't put up a fight. He wonders why she came back, and Dariela finally says that she considers the team her family and there's nowhere else she needs to be. She takes Abe's hand just as the news runs a story a man going on a violent rampage at a Helsinki hotel.

As Abe and Mitch prepare to head out, Mitch warns that Jackson is no longer capable of reason. He tells Abe that they're hunting an animal now, not Jackson.

In DC, Davies is doing a TV talk show with Peter Samberg and explains how the TX gas will be dispersed across the planet. The gas will be launched into the upper atmosphere and distributed worldwide. Residents in Boston and LA are protesting, and Davies assures the audience that the gas is safe for humans. Peter points out that Russia may pull out of the Noah Objective, and Davies insists that Russia has been a big supporter of the Objective. Afterward, Davies' man Mansdale reports that he can't reach the Minister, Leonid Ivankov. Mansdale receives a call that they may have found Jackson.

On the plane, Jamie tells Allison that she's found nothing on the surveillance. Allison says that she knows Jamie saw her and Mitch together, and will back off if Jamie says to. Jamie tells her that Mitch is all hers, just as Dariela comes in and says that Leonid is there demanding to see Mitch. Allison tells Dariela and Jamie that Leonid can't learn that the mutation has jumped to humans. They meet with Leonid, who demands to see Mitch. Jamie says that Mitch is out searching for an animal that they need for a cure, and Leonid says that if there is no alternative to the Objective then he will stay with the program. He also knows that Jamie is lying about Mitch and demands to speak to Jamie in private. Dariela refuses but Jamie says that she can handle it. Allison agrees and leaves with Dariela.

Mitch and Abe arrive at the hospital and see the people that Jackson attacked. The polisi refuse to let them go further, and the officer says that Jackson only hurt people that got in his way, and he was looking for something... or someone. Jackson loved himself in a lab and then fled before the polisi arrived. The officer takes them to see the lab.

Leonid takes Jamie's wrists to monitor her pulse, and then asks her how she knows they're close to a cure. Jamie explains about the Triple-Helix and how they need the last of seven animals to create the cure. She insists that they're close to finding a cure and the TX gas will kill millions. Leonid asks what animal they're looking for, and Jamie finally says that it's a member of their team. Satisfied that she's telling the truth, Leonid and his aide walk off.

Abe and Mitch look through the lab and Mitch notices a missing blood vial. He checks the missing number on the computer and discovers that it belongs to Vera Salvon. Abe has never heard of her, and Mitch gets her address from the computer. As they head out, an IADG soldier reports to Davies that he's spotted them. He tells the soldier to follow them, find Jackson, and bring Jackson to him.

Leonid meets with Jamie and says that he's confirmed the mutation has jumped to humans. He plans to tell the council of ministers that the TX gas will kill humans, and he needs to convince them to stop the Objective. Jamie asks who he corroborated her story, and Leonid says that what she lined up lined up with what Robert told them two days ago. They spoke on a secure line but Leonid traced it. Jamie calls Mitch and tells her what she's doing, and tells Mitch to be careful. Leonid has brought a Sensitive Compartmental Information Facility with him to prevent any surveillance, and he leads Jamie and Allison inside.

Abe and Mitch enter Vera's home and discover that the power is out and there's no sign of anyone. They split up to search the place and Mitch finds some bloody tissue. There is blood on Vera's parakeet's feathers, and the two men meet up. Abe wonders why they're there, and Mitch assures him that they'll figure it out. When Abe blames himself, Mitch tells him that it isn't his fault and realizes that the parakeet is scared because Jackson is there. Jackson runs out the back, takes Vera's car, and drives off. The IADG soldier puts a gun to Abe's head and demands to know where Jackson is going out. Mitch comes out with the caged parakeet, distracting the solider so that Abe can grab him and demand to know who sent him. The soldier says that he works for Davies, and Abe punches him unconscious. Mitch says that the parakeet will find Jackson and heads back to their truck with Abe.

Leonid puts a call through to Robert and Jamie talks to the man. She says that Jackson is in trouble and trying to find him, while Leonid traces the call. Robert hangs up and Leonid says that he traced the call to a place just outside of DC.

Abe drives through the city with Mitch giving him directions based on how the parakeet reacts with his heightened hearing. They arrive at the plane and realize that Jackson was heading there. The two men go aboard and Jamie introduces them to Vera. She says that she has a message from Jackson. She says that after the parakeet bit her, strange things began to happen. She displayed the same symptoms as Jackson, who explained about the ghost gene. Mitch realizes that Jackson wanted Vera to take his place as an incubator, and goes to run some tests. Abe figures that Jackson isn't planning on coming back, and Abe says that thanks to Jamie they know where to find him.

The plane heads for DC and Mitch takes blood samples from Vera to make sure she can handle the injections. Once he leaves, Jamie asks Vera why she kept the parakeet. Vera says that it belonged to Gunter and she couldn't bring herself to put it in quarantine. She asks Jamie how she got messed up in everything when she should be with her loved ones. Jamie explains that she doesn't have any family and she is better at building walls then tearing them down. Mitch comes back and says that the test looks good, and once they find the saber-tooth then they can incubate the cure. Vera says that she likes Mitch and tells Jamie to get together with him when it's over.

As the plane crosses the Atlantic, Allison gives a file to Dariela. She's worked out that the horses were targeting Dariela because she's pregnant. Allison wonders if Dariela is going to tell Abe, and Dariela says that she needs to figure out some things first. The Ranger figures that she needs to ensure the future for her child, and figures that everything happens for a reason. Allison goes to Jamie and tells her that Leonid has convinced two ministers to withdraw from the Objective, and is working on the others. She then tells Jamie that she's in love with Mitch, and figures that they were thrown back together for a reason. Allison thanks Jamie for understanding and leaves.

Abe is looking at a photo of himself and Jackson when Vera joins him. She gives him a letter that Jackson wanted her to pass on. Once she leaves, Abe reads the letter. Jackson says that he's not coming back and he needed to say that they're brothers and always have been. No matter what happens, Jackson forgives Abe.

In DC, Jackson goes to a pedestrian mall outside of the IADG and calls Davies. Davies is receiving a report on the Russians, and Jackson says that they need to talk. He demands to speak to Robert, and Davies has his men run a trace on the call. Davies then says that Robert has something he needs and Robert won't give it to him unless he has Robert. Jackson agrees if to turn himself in if he talks to Robert, and Davies calls Robert's safe house.

Abe, Jamie, and Mitch break into the safe house and look around. The phone continues ringing and Abe sees a man seated in the living room next to several charts. Meanwhile, Jackson tells Davies that he knows he's tracing the call.

The seated man doesn't respond, and the trio approaches him. It's a soldier, dead, and they hear a car pull up outside.

Davies tells Jackson that he can take him to Robert. Meanwhile, the technicians confirm that Jackson is outside the building and Davies scrambles snipers. Davies tells Jackson that he knows about the scar on Jackson's neck, and that Robert gave it to him. Jackson says that he's coming in. Meanwhile, Mansdale reports that their men at the safe house have confirmed that Robert isn't there.

The snipers take up position and Davies tells them to kill Robert as soon as he touches the door. Mansdale warns that they may need Jackson to find Robert, but Davies figure that if they kill Jackson then Robert will find them.

Jackson approaches the door and a sniper draws a bead on him. However, Robert stops him and the sniper fires, hitting the glass in front of Jackson. Jackson stares in shock and Robert says that they should run.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 24, 2016

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