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The Contingency Recap

On the plane, Abe, Mitch, and Jamie tell Dariela that there's no sign of Jackson. Dariela tells them that there have been reports of gunshots near the IADG, and they bring up the CCTVs. Robert and Jackson are shown, and the team checks the traffic cameras to see where they're going. Robert's van disappears between cameras, and the team realizes that now Robert has Jackson.

At the IADG, Davies is furious that his men lost Robert. He points out that they can't fix the TX gas without Robert's help. The soldier says that the Russians are deciding today to refuse to cooperate with the Noah Objective. Davies says that he has it covered and tells his man to find Robert and his son.

Abe continues checking the footage overnight. Allison tells the others that Leonid has convinced the other Russian ministers to vote against the Noah Objective. Without Russia, the Objective is finished. Allison says that the ministers still need to hear from Mitch about the cure. Abe insists on staying to continue the search for Jackson, and Dariela says that she's staying with him. Mitch decides that he, Allison, and Jamie will go to the Russian Embassy in DC.

Once they leave, Abe says that if he had told Jackson the truth earlier then they could have avoided the trouble. Dariela tells him that it's hard to find the right moment to tell a secret, and Abe says that secrets are just another form of lie. She doesn't tell him that she's pregnant and walks away, looking at the pregnancy report.

Jackson pulls into the plane and Abe goes to greet him. Jackson says that it's okay and explains that Robert tried to poison him, and they have to lift off. When Abe asks where Robert is, Jackson shows him Robert... unconscious in the trunk of the car. Jackson says that Davies didn't do it: he thinks that he did.

Dariela enters the bay as the plane leaves off, and Jackson complains that she didn't shoot him. Abe restrains him and the two men fight. Dariela handcuffs Jackson to a cargo rack and they realize that Jackson is displaying the defiant pupil. Jackson's veins turn black and he yells at them not to trust Robert because he infected him with the ghost gene.

At the Russian embassy, Mitch reminds Allison and Jamie that they're still one animal short of a cure. Jamie admits that she didn't tell Leonid that the last animal is supposedly extinct. They meet Leonid, his wife Sabine, and daughter Tasha. He greets Mitch and tells him to convince his cabinet that they have a cure. Leonid then tells Allison that she won't be attending to avoid the appearance of American influence.

Abe checks on Jackson and confirms that he's calmed down. The animals in the lab react, apparently to Jackson, and Dariela asks Abe if he hates his father. She says that she got mad at her father plenty of times but never enough to hit him, and Abe tells her what Jackson said about Robert poisoning him. He warns her that Robert isn't to be trusted. Dariela wakes Robert up and he tries to take Abe's hand. Abe pulls away and Robert asks where Jackson is. Dariela explains that they had to restrain him, and Robert asks for his bag. He tells them that he has the cure to Jackson's "illness" inside of it, and tells them that they have to trust him if they want to help Jackson.

Davies receives a report on the plane's departure and figure that Robert is onboard. He tells his man Mansdale to get him Admiral Rader.

Robert opens his bag and removes a badger, which spits on Dariela. He takes a sample of its acidic saliva and explains that he's going to use the acid to break down the mutation and stabilize Jackson's brain. Robert says that he tried to give it to Jackson earlier and he destroyed it, and insists that he loves his son.

The scientist goes to the vehicle bay and tells Jackson that he has to trust him. Jackson insists that he buried his father two years ago, but reluctantly takes the antidote. The black veins recede and Jackson calms down.

Trotter tells Abe that Davies is calling, asking to speak to Robert. Abe tells Davies that Robert isn't there, and Davies warns that they're heading for an aircraft carrier ready to launch an attack. Robert and Jackson come in and Robert tells Davies that he's there. Davies demands the cure in return for their lives and hangs up.

Leonid explains that the vote is a formality and he's already convinced the majority of the ministers to vote against the Objective. As they get into the elevator, a gorilla bursts into the embassy and heads for the elevator. The doors close as Leonid yells to his family, and the gorilla pounds on the doors. After a moment, the lights go out as the elevator goes up. No answers the emergency phone and Mitch can't get a signal on his phone. The gorilla tries to burst through the grille in the ceiling.

As Dariela warns that the jets will reach them in 15 minutes, Robert says that he created the TX gas. He offers to build an EMP bomb that will shut down the attacking jets, and then the pilots will bail out. Jackson demands answers, and Robert insists that everything he has done is for Jackson and Elizabeth. Jackson says that he had to kill Elizabeth and it was because of Robert. Robert insists that he was trying to protect them. He gave them the ghost gene to protect them, but the lab burned down before he could finish the research. Robert tells his son that he understands that he took drastic action to protect the people he loved... just like he did. Leonid's guard fires up through the ceiling, but after a moment it grabs him and yanks him up. As it kills him, Mitch and Jamie yank off a handrail and bar the grille.

As Robert and Jackson work on the EMP bomb, Jackson demands to know why Robert faked his death. Robert says that he was discovered by a group of people who recruited him to be part of a para-government organization. They convinced Robert that he could work more effectively if he faked his death. When the animals changed, the people told the government that Robert wasn't dead and he started working on the Noah Objective. When Robert learned that the ghost gene carriers were displaying side effects, he refused to help Davies any further. Jackson admits that Robert was right all along.

The gorilla tries to burst through the grille, and Jamie and Mitch finally get the door open. As they get out, an embassy worker confirms that the animals are still in the lobby. Mitch borrows the worker's shoe and he pulls off the heel. Jamie takes the heel and prepares to get into the elevator so that she can send it down with the gorilla using the heel as an improvised key. All she has to do is get out of the elevator before it goes down or she'll be cut in half.

Trotter reports that the jets are five minutes away. Abe points out that taking out the planes won't stop Davies or cure Jackson. Dariela insists that they'll find a cure again, but Abe wonders why they should believe in the future. She says that he can't give up on the future... and then passes out.

Abe carries Dariela to the lab and Robert figures that she's pregnant because of her reaction to the badger spit. He asks Abe who the father is, and Abe says that he had a good idea. Robert says that they can save the baby if they act fast, just as Dariela wakes up. She says that the animals are drawn to her and maybe they shouldn't save the baby. Abe says that they'll handle it, and assures Dariela that he wants to bring a child into the world now that he has something to fight for. Dariela says that she can't do it alone, and Abe kisses her and tells Robert to do what he can. Trotter reports that the jets have arrived, and Robert tells Abe to put the EMP bomb into place.

Mitch helps Jamie into the elevator far enough to reach the key panel. She finally trips it with the shoe heel and Mitch pulls her out just as the gorilla break sin. The elevator descends, taking it to the lobby.

Dariela tells Robert that she's more worried about him saving her baby than the jets. He warns her that she'll always put her child first, and admits that not every parent knows how to share their truth. Dariela points out that he turned his family into mutants, and Robert injects her with the antidote

Jackson and Abe rig the EMP bomb in the bay, and Trotter warns them that the jets are approaching. Abe opens the bay door and Jackson fires the bomb as Trotter cuts the power. The jets plummet out of the sky and the pilots bail out, and Trotter restores the power to the jet.

Abe runs back to Dariela and confirms that Dariela is okay. She insists that he not get overprotective, and Robert says that he reversed the effect of the badger acid. Abe thanks Robert for his help, and Robert tells him and Robert that he hopes that they will eventually believe that he wanted the best for his family.

Jamie tells Mitch that they still make a pretty god team. A SWAT officer arrives and tells them that it's safe to come down.

Robert is making lunch when Jackson comes in and says that they've changed course away from the carrier. He figures that Davies will find them when they go back to get the others, and Robert says that they'll deal with it when it comes. Robert wonders if Jackson remembers the good times when he was an actual father, Jackson does and Robert reminds him of the time Jackson thought seven moves ahead and beat him at chess for the only time. He assures Jackson that he's still proud of him, and says that no one in the government has figured out the cure. Jackson tells him that they have to find a saber-toothed cat and there may be one on Pangaea. A jet soars by and Jackson goes to the window while Robert walks out.

Jamie and Mitch reach the lobby and Allison greets them. Leonid is holding Sabine and Allison says that Tasha and 14 other people were killed. The Russians are no longer voting against the Objective, and Allison tells them that there's nothing they can do to save the animals. She tells Mitch to take the plane while she goes back to work, and wishes them both the best of luck. Allison then talks to Mitch privately and tells Mitch that no matter what he thinks, he and Jamie will eventually destroy each other. With that, she walks out.

Davies meets with an embassy security guard and thanks him for setting the whole thing up. He pays the guard off and then meets with Mansdale. He tells Mansdale to dispose of the guard and then takes a call from Robert. Robert says that he's sending him the cure and in return Davies leaves him and Jackson alone. Once Robert hangs up, he tells Jackson that Davies will eventually kill them. When Jackson points out that he's killed millions by giving Davies the TX gas, Robert tells his son to turn off the transponders and then they'll meet with his friends--the Shepherd--in Pangaea, cure Jackson, and save the world. Jackson tells Trotter to do what Robert said, and they head for Pangaea.

Written by Gadfly on Aug 31, 2016

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