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Pangaea Recap

The plane arrives at Pangaea and Robert takes Jackson, Abe, and Dariela to Sierra 1, the underground base of the shepherds. Jackson points out that Robert gave Davies the formula for the TX gas and it will kill two million people, and demands answers. Dr. Nielsen joins them and asks them to follow her so that she can provide explanations. She tells them that the Shepherds established Sierra 1 in the mid-nineteenth century. Robert went there two years ago after he faked his death, trying to stop the animal mutations. The Shepherds placed Robert with Davies to control him, and Robert had to give him the TX gas to save Jackson. Nielsen says that they're trying to find Mitch and Jamie.

Soldiers take a wheeled case to a door and their leader warns that the decoy convoy has left. The DNA in the case will repopulate the world with healthy animals, and it's the most important cargo on earth. They open the door and go out, guns ready.

Mitch and Jamie prepare to ambush the real convoy and Mitch explains that stealing the DNA is their last chance at stopping the Objective. They find an unconscious dead soldier and smell cotton candy, and Mitch gives Jamie a cloth to cover her mouth. After he does the same, He tells her that someone is using knockout gas and they find the DNA case... and Logan, wearing a gas mask.

At Sierra 1, Nielsen shows the team their aviary and explains that they've created a genetically enhanced strain of the avian flu. It will carry the cure to the animal population. Dariela points out that they still need a DNA sample from a saber-tooth cat, and the head of security, Reece Barnes, steps forward. He points out what quadrant the cats are in, but warns that it will be difficult to find one in the open to get a sample. Reece warns that the cats are reclusive and secretive. Dariela volunteers to lure them out because she's pregnant, and tells Abe that she has to take the risk.

Mitch shoots darts at Logan, which imbed themselves in his Kevlar vest. The alarm goes off and Mitch takes Logan's gun and trains it on him. Jamie is unable to move the case and they have no choice but to let Logan help them load the case. Mitch takes the wheel while Logan explains that his altimeter automatically deployed his chute after Jamie shot him with a tranq dart. The soldiers cut them off as they drive out. Davies steps forward and tells them to get out, and Mitch tells Jamie that he'll buy them some time. He gets out holding a small remote, and says that it's the detonator for an explosive rigged to the case.

Inside, Jamie warns Logan that they need to destroy the DNA. Logan reluctantly agrees and takes out a hand grenade.

Davies says that Mitch is a coward and is bluffing. Mitch says that he's willing to die to stop Davies after everything that they've been through.

Logan rigs the grenade with a makeshift delayed fuse and tells Jamie that they have 20 minutes.

Davies has his men take Mitch.

Logan and Jamie get out the back while Davies confirms that Mitch was holding a laser pointer. Jamie warns that the explosive is live, just as the grenade goes off. Shocked, Davies says that they just killed the Objective.

Reece, Abe, and Dariela go to the quadrant with the cats. Reece complains that they only have tranqs, and warns that they won't slow down the cats. Abe notices that the birds have stopped calling, meaning the cats are close. Dariela points out that the other Triple-Helix animals cause environmental abnormalities, and Reece explains that the cats can generate underwater volcanic eruptions. When the lava cools, the island has grown larger. The trio hears cats growling, and Abe realizes that the cat is tracking them.

Davies tells his prisoners that they ruined humanity's last hope. Jamie points out that he needs them to create the cure, and Davies walks off. The soldiers secure them for transport, and Davies tells Mansdale that they have to abort the Noah Objective because it's over. As Davies calls the Objective command center and Mansdale breaks his neck. He then takes the phone and says that the Objective is a go.

Mansdale goes back to the others and puts a gun to Mitch's head. He then shoots the other soldiers and frees the prisoners, and tells them to come with him because he's taking them to their friends. Mansdale says that he'll take care of the Objective and they have to go before Davies comes back.

On the plane, Robert reviews Mitch's work. Jackson comes in and points out that Davies holds all the cards. Robert figures that the gas will take at least 12 hour to take effect and they might have the advantage. However, he needs Jackson to do it. Robert figures that the serum will not only eliminate the mutation but generate a by-product in Jackson's blood that will let them cure the animals. He then tells Jackson that he's going to do great, and Jackson remembers how Robert told him the same thing before his track meets. His father promises that they will do it together.

Reece leads Abe and Dariela to an electrical fence and says that their failed experiments are kept inside. The fence prevents the cat from flanking them. Abe tells Dariela that he's going to protect her, just as the cat leaps at him. Reece shoots it with his crossbow and it runs off, pulling the tethered bolt and Reece with him. Abe and Dariela hear Reece screaming, and then the cat runs back, dragging Reece. He flies into the electrical fence and dies, and the cat runs off. Abe gets the bolt with the sample and says that now they can finish it.

On the plane, Robert mixes the animals' DNA. Jackson says that it's good to see his father doing good work in the lab again, and Robert is happy that he doesn't have to keep his work secret. Trotter reports that Abe and Dariela are back with the cat DNA, just as Mitch and Jamie arrive. Mansdale arrives with Logan and they explain that they blew up Davies' DNA. Robert warns that Logan is a liability, and Jamie tells them to do what they want with him. Mansdale agrees to keep Logan away from the compound and takes him away. Robert congratulates Mitch on his work and says that now that Mitch is there, the real work can begin.

When Jackson comes down a few minutes later, the others warn that Jackson's blood isn't interacting with the serum the way that it's supposed to. They notice that Jackson's hand is shaking and he says that it's time for the next dose. Robert realizes that the badger acid is interfering with the serum, and it will take 36 hours. Mitch warns that the mutation could change again, and Robert warns that if he doesn't treat Jackson then the mutation will come back. Jackson insists that he can handle it, and Robert goes to see if Nielsen has any other rugs that can mitigate the serum.

In the cargo bay, Jackson tries to keep control. Abe comes in and Jackson warns that he's losing his control. He asks Abe to promise to kill him if he mutates, insisting that he doesn't want to hurt anyone else. Jackson insists that he can't end up like Kovacs and Elizabeth, and Abe is the only one who can do it. After a moment, Abe gives his word to kill him if necessary.

Mitch calls Robert and Nielsen in and explains that he was evaluating the medication. He's seen one of the drugs because it was what Reiden Global gave his daughter Clementine to treat her disease, Glazer's Disease. Nielsen admits that they gave the drug to Reiden and Glazer's was a mistake. Robert admits that the disease is based on his work with the ghost gene, and Clementine has the gene. Mitch orders them out but then asks Robert if he injected himself with the same serum that he used on Jackson. When Robert says that he did, Mitch tells him to roll up his sleeve.

When the others arrive, Mitch increases Jackson's blood volume via a transfusion from Robert. Jackson's blood pressure goes up but he maintains control and the transfusion process works. However, with the acid diluted there's nothing holding the mutation back. Working as quickly as he can, Mitch extracts the serum sample from Jackson's neck. Jackson passes out for a moment while they get the serum sample into a holding bag.

Robert confirms that Jackson isn't producing as much of the cure compound as he should. They warn Jackson that he'll die before he gives them enough, and Jackson tells them to bleed him dry if he has to. Robert says that they haven't tried everything, and asks Mitch for the genomic fossil serum. With his body pre-staging the serum, Jackson's body won't have to work as hard to produce the cure. Mitch says that he thinks it will work, but Jackson realizes that the injection will kill Robert. Robert says that it's a trade of his life for millions, and Mitch gives him the injection despite Jackson's objections.

Abe and Dariela watch and Abe holds Dariela.

Robert and Jackson trade animal-based riddles and Robert apologizes. He says that he thought that he always knew that he knew best. In his arrogance, he thought that Jackson and Elizabeth would come back to him, and he thanks God that he had the chance to make it right for Jackson. Jackson tells his father another riddle but then realizes that he's dead. Mitch comes over and confirms that Robert is gone. Jackson has Mitch untie him, and Mitch does after confirming that the cure worked. Leaning over Robert's body, Jackson says that he's there.

At the aviary, the Shepherds prepare to release the birds. The team comes to check them out, and Mitch says that they all did it. Dariela points out that the birds are acting normal. Mansdale gives Mitch the remote and says that it will release the cages at seven launch points around the island. The others join Mitch and Jackson says that Chloe would have loved the chance to see the world back the way it was. Mitch pushes the switch and the birds fly off. Mitch and Jamie head back, and Mitch invites Jamie to come with him to Maine so she can meet Clementine. Jamie agrees and they go to call Trotter. Dariela asks Jackson's what's next, and he and Abe both agree that they miss Africa. Dariela says that she'll go with them.

Jamie calls Trotter but he says that the air space has been closed everywhere.

At Sierra 1, Nielsen and her team are watching the monitors. Everyone cheers as red spots glow on the map of the world. She says that the Objective has been launched and their work is complete.

Jamie tells the others that the Objective is on and they're dropping the gas. Mansdale and his people come over, guns drawn, and Mitch realizes that the gas will kill the animals... and Clem. The guards knock Mitch and Jackson when they try to fight, and Mansdale says that it will be clear what they've done.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 7, 2016

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