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Cutting Cards Recap

High-roller Reno Crevice saunters into a casino and a woman greets his by name. She welcomes Reno back, and he asks if there’s anyone at the no-limit table. The woman says that Sam Forney is back there and Reno assures her that he knows Sam. Sam orders a drink and tells the bartender that he was last there a year ago. The bartender warns that Sam is the big man, and Reno insists that he beat him lots of times in Las Vegas. Realizing who Reno is, the bartender asks him if he won $50,000 off of a South American dictator, and Reno says that it’s true. He wishes Reno luck and walks off.

Reno finishes his drink and goes into the back room where Sam is playing Solitaire. Sam says that he cleaned out all of the regular players, and reminds Reno that he’s the best. Unimpressed, Reno reminds him of the $10,000 he took off of him, and the two of them taunt each other about the losses the others met. When Reno sits down and tells Sam to deal, Sam points out that he’s broke. Reno says that he’s got $100 but Sam says that there’s only one thing Reno has that he wants: Reno out of his life for good. His rival agrees and says that he wants to roll the dice. He shakes and gets two 6s, and Sam rolls the same.

Furious, Reno says that it’s time to duel with Russian Roulette. Sam agrees and they go out to his car to get his .45. They agree to duel in the parking lot, and Sam goes first after Reno loads the gun and spins the chamber. Sam puts the gun to his head and pulls the trigger... and nothing happens. Reno takes the gun and pulls the trigger, and nothing happens. He hands the gun back to Sam, who takes the next shot and wins. Reno is next, with 2-to-1 guns, and insists that he can beat the odds. He wins and tells Sam that now there’s only two chambers left. Sam prepares to pull the trigger, but a man pulls up and figures that they’re valets. Reno tells him to park it himself, and when the drive yells at him, Sam aims the gun at the driver and tells him to go.

Once the driver leaves, Reno asks Sam if he wants to give it up. Sam pulls the trigger and nothing happens. He laughs hysterically and says that he beat even money, and Reno’s luck has run out. Reno takes the gun and points it at his head, and says that he wants people to know that he went out strong. He pulls the trigger and nothing happens, and Reno accuses Sam of putting a ringer in. Sam figures that it’s a dud, but Reno figures he rigged the entire thing. Reno tells him to name the game, and Sam says “Chop poker.”

Back inside, the dealer prepares a deck of cards. They play five-card draw and Sam takes three. Reno does the same and Sam reveals two-pairs. His opponent shows three of a kind, takes out a cleaver, and asks which finger. Sam puts out his right little finger and Reno chops it off. They keep playing and Sam loses to a full house. Reno takes another finger and they continue playing. This time Reno loses and he offers him one of his fingers so a doctor can sew it on. Sam figures that he’s on a roll and grabs the cleaver, and takes Reno’s index finger

Sometime later, the two men are in a hospital playing checkers. They’ve lost their arms, and Reno moves a piece with his teeth. Sam points out that he left him a triple jump, and Reno insists that he’s always been a lucky guy.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 18, 2016

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