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Mad City: Better to Reign in Hell... Recap

Jim goes up to a house in the suburbs, carrying flowers. Before he can ring the bell, he hears Leslie inside, laughing. Jim looks in through the window and sees her with a man, and realizes that she's moved on without him. He turns and leaves without a word.

Six Months Later

Someone breaks into a pharmacy and the owner comes out to see what's going on. The owner picks up a shotgun and tells the thief to leave before he calls the cop. The thief keeps tossing bottles on the floor, and the owner moves up the aisle. He discovers that it's a large dinosaur-like man... and the thief throws him out through the window. As the thief closes in, Jim steps out of the shadows and asks the thief if he wants to come quietly. The thief attacks him, bending his baton, and tosses Ji into some garbage. Jim tries to punch him and only hurts his hand, but manages to kick himself free. As the thief prepares to attack, a truck comes down the street and slams into him.

Later at the station, Barnes and Mayor James give a statement to the press that another escapee from Indian Hill was found earlier. Valerie Vale from the Gotham Gazette asks why they can't see the escapee, and Barnes explains that the escapee was killed. Undeterred, Valerie points out that bounty hunters have captured other escapees, and asks if the GCPD is incapable of capturing them themselves. Barnes insists that his people have apprehended the majority of the escapees, and James insists that the escapees are Hugo's victims and should receive proper treatment. Valerie points out that the escapees were previously criminally insane inmates at Arkham, and James ignores her.

Harvey and Jim are listening, and Jim says that he's brought in six escapees so far. His former partner wonders what he'll do when all of the escapees are captured, and tries to get Jim to come back. Jim refuses, saying that he works his own hours and takes his own orders. Harvey tells Jim to stop blaming the job for what happened between him and Leslie. Lucius, the new forensics examiners, comes over and reports to Harvey that the drug the escapee was taking was a powerful immune suppressant. He says that Wayne Enterprises revealed itself as morally corrupt so he quit and join the GCPD. The drug is only sold at three pharmacies in the city, and two of them were robbed in the last month. Harvey suggests that he and Jim run it together, but Jim refuses and leaves.

Valerie continues questioning James, who insists that the situation is in hand. Oswald comes in and calls James a liar, and reminds everyone who he is. He says that he wants James to tell people the truth: that the escapees are dangerous and they have a leader. Despite what he's told the police, they've done nothing so now Oswald is there to speak directly to the people of Gotham. He names Fish as the leader, and Barnes says that she's either dead or long gone. Oswald insists that she's a monster because of Hugo and implores the people to find Fish because until then, no one is safe.

As Oswald leaves with Butch, he sees Jim and greets his "friend." He reminds Jim that he hasn't found Fish yet, and Jim says that Oswald hasn't made it worth his while. Jim walks off and Oswald concedes that he has a point.

That night, Oswald and Butch go to a new club, Sirens. Barbara is at the bar and greets the two men. She says that she and Tabitha aren't interested in Oswald's offer of "protection." Tabitha comes over and Butch desperately asks who she's doing. He then advises the women to take up Oswald's offer, and Oswald tells him to wait to the side. Oswald then reminds Tabitha that he killed Gertrude, and explains that Dutch is still hoping to get back together with Tabitha. Barbara says that they'll think about his offer, and Oswald tells them to spread the word that he'll give $1 million to whoever can bring him Fish... dead or alive.

Selina sits next to Butch and he tells her to scram. Oswald comes over and Butch admits that just seeing Tabitha kills him. Oswald tells him to get over it... and points out that Selina just stole Butch's wallet.

Outside, Selina meets Ivy and says that she has something secret going. She gives the money from Butch's wallet to a kid and goes on... unaware that the kid is Bruce's clone from Indian Hill.

The next day, Bruce and Alfred return to Wayne Manor after their time in Europe. Bruce wonders if they were right to stay away, and Alfred figures that he's nervous about the next day. He tells Bruce to relax while he makes him a cup of tea.

At a bar, Jim is reading a paper when Valerie comes in and sits down next to him. She introduces herself and points out that no one but Hugo and Ethel have been arrested... and no one has investigated Wayne Enterprise's connection to the asylum. Valerie says that her family are cops and she knows how Gotham works, but Jim isn't interested. The reporter says that Oswald is offering $1 million to whoever brings Fish in and leaves.

At Arkham, Oswald visits Edward and gives him a present. It's a puzzle box and Edward opens it in a matter of seconds. He thanks Oswald for the thought, and wonders why he's being so kind. Oswald says that talking to Edward has helped him get by in the last few months since Fish is on the loose. Edward sympathizes, and Oswald wonders why Fish didn't kill him when she had the chance. He needs to know what she's doing, and Edward takes a piece of the wrapping and tells Oswald that a simple solution is best. He folds the paper into a penguin and reminds Oswald that penguins eat fish.

Fish and her gang--including Selina--go to a lab in a Gray Pharma warehouse. One of the gang members, an escapee named Marv, kills a scientist with his touch, aging the man to death. Fish tells Selina that right now they're dealing with survival, just as a guard comes in, gun drawn. When he tries to handcuff Fish, she touches him and he falls under her control. Fish has him knock himself out, and Fish collapses in pain. She recovers after a moment and tells Selina that she's fine.

Lucius tells Jim that Gray Pharma makes the drug, and Jim arrives outside the warehouse. Jim goes inside and Selina spots him. Inside, Jim draws his gun and advances, and finds Fish waiting for him. She figures that Jim is there to collect Oswald's bounty, and offers her hands. Jim tells her to cuff herself and the second escapee jumps Jim. Jim manages to evade his clawed hands, and the escapee runs off. Jim goes after him but the man leaps off a balcony and glides to the ground below, making good his escape.

Bruce and Alfred go to Bruce's office at Wayne Enterprises, and Bruce stares off into space. He finally says that if he does it then there's no turning back, and Alfred tells him to say his piece. They go into the conference room where the board members are waiting. Bruce says that he wants to talk about Indian Hill, and doesn't believe that Hugo acted alone. He knows that an unknown group hired Hugo, and he spent his time overseas to find hard evidence of their existence. One member, Crowley, laughs and dismisses Bruce's "conspiracy theory." Alfred tells him that he has to listen, and Bruce says that he has proof that they exist and they're here in the room. He tells the room at large that he wants to talk face-to-face within 24 hours or he'll send the news that he's gathered to every news outlet in Gotham.

Later, the White-Haired Woman, Kathryn, receives word of Bruce's ultimatum. She tells a masked man, Mario, to dispose of Bruce and do it quietly.

Two men go into Sirens where Barbara is sitting at the bar. The leader, Boris, points out that she built Sirens in their territory, and slaps Barbara when she tells them to get out. Barbara breaks into tears which quickly turn into laughter, and Tabitha kills the other man. When the first man goes for his gun, Barbara disarms him and then beats him to death, still laughing.

Valerie leaves the Gazette and Selina approaches her. She asks the reporter if she's still paying for information on the escapees, and says that she can hand over Fish.

Later, Valerie goes to the bar and meets Jim. She asks if he's still interested in finding Fish, and says that she knows where Fish will be next. Valerie admits that she needs some information from the cops, and figures that Harvey will tell Jim. In return she'll take Jim to Fish... as long as she goes with him. Jim agrees and they leave.

Jim goes to the station and meets Harvey. Harvey says that he got what Jim wanted and hands him a package, and warns him to be careful.

Bruce tracks down Selina on her rooftop and says that he left because he needed time to research the group opposing him. He warns Selina to be careful, but she isn't interested. Bruce apologizes for being away so long, but Selina isn't interested. She says that she'll see him around and leaves... unaware that his Indian Hill clone is watching.

Jim goes back to the car where Valerie is waiting, and says that "she" is under guard in a building. He then handcuffs Valerie to the car door handle and points out that if she screams then she'd have to tell the cops everything. Once Jim leaves, Valerie starts picking the handcuffs.

When Jim gets to the address, he finds a police car parked outside. He gets on its radio and tells the cops on guard that Barnes wants them. Once they leave, Jim goes inside to where Ethel is in an apartment, alone. She figures that he isn't supposed to be there, and explains that she's out of jail because she agreed to testify against Hugo. Jim explains that Fish and her people are stealing drugs, and since they're not working they'll come after Ethel. He figures someone will get the information for her... someone like Valerie. Fish will use Valerie without Valerie knowing, and follow her and Jim.

Someone tries the door and Ethel realizes that Jim is using her as bait. A woman kicks the door open and superspeeds forward when Jim shoots at her. She slows down and knocks the gun out of his hand as a masked woman comes in and knocks Jim. The two women grab Ethel and leave, and the man from the warehouse comes in to attack Jim. Jim manages to grab his gun and the escapee leaps out the window, and Jim grabs his leg. Valerie sees them and starts taking photos, while the escapee grows wings from his back. Despite that, Jim pulls him back in and subdues him.

Later at the station, Barnes calls Jim and Harvey into his office and chews them back out. He warns Jim that if he crosses him again then he'll throw him away. As for Harvey, Barnes says that he was proud that Harvey took over when he was in the hospital, but figures now that it was just gas. He orders them out and then coughs. Outside, Harvey tells Jim that he liked being captain, and advises Jim to stay away. As he walks away, Valerie comes over and asks if he knew Fish was using her. The reporter says that he should have told her, and Jim points out that she didn't reveal her source. As he goes, Valerie starts to say something but then \changes her mind.

Ivy meets Selina and asks to go along with her. Selina refuses, warning that the people she's working with are dangerous, and tells ivy to stay there. Once Selina leaves, the Bruce clone steps out and calls to ivy. He says that he was following Selina, and he met the boy. Ivy realizes that he's Bruce Wayne, and the clone asks who Bruce is. Scared, Ivy runs off.

That night, Barbara and Tabitha call Oswald in. They complain about Boris, and Oswald points out that it is Boris' territory. Barbara gives Boris a cherry and says that Butch is behind it. She figures that Butch sent Boris so that they'd turn to Oswald for help. Butch denies it--not very convincingly--and Tabitha is touched. Oswald shoots Boris dead and tells the women to run their club. However, he says that Tabitha is only alive because of Butch, and if he changes her mind the she's dead.

Fish's men take Ethel to a warehouse where Fish is waiting. Ethel knows that Fish's DNA is rejecting her abilities, and tells her to stop using her powers. Every time she uses it, her body tries to reject the new cells. Fish refuses, saying that she likes the new her, and grabs Ethel's hand. Ethel says that Hugo is the only one who can do it, and Fish moans in pain. The former assistant says that they've hidden Hugo that she doesn't know, and Fish warns that Hugo will give her an army of people like her... or he will die. Fish has Marv touch Ethel, aging her to death as Selina looks on in horror.

One of the escapees finds Ivy outside and drags her in. Selina says that Ivy is her friend, and Ivy admits that she followed her there and Bruce came looking for her. Ivy warns that she'll tell, and Fish calls Marv forward. Ivy breaks free and runs, and Selina and the masked escapee run after her. As Ivy gets outside and comes to a hole in a sewer pipe, the masked woman holds Selina back while Marv grabs Ivy. After a moment, Ivy yanks free and falls into the sewer. Selina goes to the hole but there's no sign of her friend.

Jim is drinking and looking at a photo of Valerie.

At the station house, Barnes and Harvey watch as the GCPD arm up.

Tabitha and Barbara share a drink.

Valerie develops the photos she took of Jim and the bat escapee.

At Wayne Manor, Alfred reports to Bruce that the new alarm system is set. After Bruce leaves, Mario comes in and advances on Alfred. Alfred grabs a knife and throws it at the killer, who easily dodges. He then reveals a blade of his own from his sleeve and attacks Alfred. The two men fight and Mario soon knocks out Alfred. Bruce hears the commotion and comes down, and Mario renders him unconscious when Bruce goes to Alfred. The killer then picks Bruce up and leaves.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 20, 2016

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